Titanic Binoculars

Binoculars recovered from the Titanic shipwreck

Binoculars recovered from the Titanic as part of a Titanic artifact exhibition.

  • Benjamin

    These binoculars were found ….Fred fleet said there were none, was he lieing? , or was he told to say there was none?, that they were misplaced in queenstown….whats the real story?….

  • Jared

    That was exactly the first thing i thought when i saw this. if Fred Fleet would have used these, he should have been able to see the berg from about 3 miles. if these were on board, Fleet was obviously not doing his job. I personally think Fleet was lying, because if these were found almost 100 years later 2 miles down from the surface of the north Atlantic, why couldn’t they be found in Belfast before they left port? i lay the fault on Fred Fleet.