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Titanic Survivor Stories – Lookout Reginald Lee

May 26, 2014

At 11:40 pm, on the night of April 14, 1912, two men were sitting up in the crow’s nest of the RMS Titanic. The weather was freezing cold, and despite the fact they had on thick coats, the freezing cold air cut through them both like knives.  Suddenly, out of the darkness, Frederick Fleet saw […]

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Titanic Survivor Stories – Second Class Officer Charles Lightoller – Part Two

May 25, 2014

After the RMS Titanic went down, the RMS Carpathia from the Cunard Line came along and picked up the 705 survivors who were floating around in 20 lifeboats. Among the surviving men, women, and children, were a few of the Titanic’s officers, but the one that was of the highest rank was Second Officer Charles […]

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Titanic Survivor Stories – Second Class Officer Charles Lightoller – Part One

May 18, 2014

When the great ship, the RMS Titanic went down, the captain, Edward Smith, went down with his glorious ship, which is the tradition that is an unspoken rule of the sea. Other than Captain Smith, the First officer, William Murdoch was also dead, and while the circumstances of his death are up in the air […]

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Titanic Survivor Stories – Colonel Archibald Gracie

May 18, 2014

Archibald Gracie was famous for being a RMS Titanic survivor. Gracie was a brave man who actually helped many women and children get into lifeboats, and when the last one left, he was faced with the same difficult choice that many men faced, which was whether to live or die. As luck would have it, […]

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Titanic For Kids – Cartoon Movie About the Disaster

April 26, 2014

The Titanic disaster took place 102 years ago, and it is something that most adults know about, but what about when it comes to talk about this to kids? These days, the sinking of the RMS Titanic is considered to be part of history, and the idea of explaining what happened to someone under a […]

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Titanic Captain – The Biography of Edward J. Smith

April 21, 2014

On April 10th, 1912, Captain Edward J. Smith was at the helm of what was considered to be the biggest, most luxurious, and safest ship in the world, when she slowly made her way from her dock in Southampton out to open sea.  At the time, Captain Smith had a reputation for being the best […]

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Titanic Survivors Stories – Letter from Rose Amélie Icard Makes Headlines

March 28, 2014

The handwritten letter penned by a then-83 year old woman nine years before her death in 1964. The letter is owned by a US Marine named Mike Delgado, who first caught Titanic fever at the age of 13 when his father took him to a Titanic exhibit. Delgado bought the letter in 2012 at a […]

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Inside the Titanic – Ghosts of the Abyss Review

March 26, 2014

When James Cameron filmed his blockbuster Titanic in 1997, he went down to the actual Titanic wreck site because he wanted to include the actual grand old lady in his movie. While the ocean at 12,000 feet down definitely presented a challenge, Cameron was able to incorporate actual Titanic footage into his amazing movie about […]

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Titanic Sinking Video – The Sinking Recreated With CGI

March 22, 2014

In 1912, when the RMS Titanic sank beneath the still waters of the North Atlantic, there were 705 people safe and sound in 19 lifeboats watching everything happen.  When the Titanic inquiries took place in both America and England, some of the survivors had to testify as to what they saw, but no two accounts […]

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The Titanic – Facts You Have Never Heard Of

March 7, 2014

There are some things that everyone knows about when it comes to the Titanic. Everyone knows it was a really big ship that sank on its maiden voyage, and a lot of people ended up dying in the middle of the night. Here is a list of facts about the Titanic that few people know […]

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Titanic Facts: Statistics about The Sinking of the Ship

March 4, 2014

When people hear that on the night of April 15, 1912, over 1523 people died that horrible and freezing cold night, the idea that 1523 can really seem so big a number that the number itself actually becomes meaningless. People can see the number 1523 and not understand just how many that truly is until […]

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