Titanic Door Debate Finally Settled By Celine Dion

1114-ctm-celinedionThe blockbuster movie Titanic, will be turning 22 years old in December, yet the movie lives on in a countless number of ways.  Before James Cameron’s Avatar took the number one movie ever title from Titanic, it had held that spot for 12 years, and even to this day, the movie is still as talked about now as it was then. What is the biggest issue that Titanic fans debate about? The ending, of course, and whether or not Rose purposefully let her love Jack, freeze to death in the North Atlantic. Why couldn’t both Jack and Rose fit on that floating piece of door, which is actually a large piece of wall paneling? Was it as simple as the fact Rose just had to scoot over a little so there would be room for Jack? This simple question has nagged Titanic fans for almost 22 years now, and many people have weighed in on the matter including celebrities, scientists, and even James Cameron himself. Now, one of the biggest names associated with the Titanic movie, has weighed in on the debate, and may have finally been put the two decade old debate to rest once and for all, and her name is Celine Dion.

1. The Origin of the Great Titanic Door Debate

Titanic-DoorTitanic came out in 1997, and was so hugely popular, it was number one at the box office for a record 15 weeks. Originally, the movie was labeled as doomed to fail due to its extremely high budget, which at the time was an unheard of $200 million dollars. Typically, movies with budgets close to $100 million had ended up failing, and the critics were about to add Titanic to that list. However, when the movie finally came out in December of 1997, it exceeded expectations, shattered records, and blew all the nay-sayers out of the water.   The movie was so popular, that to this day, its fans are loyal, and the biggest issue that has come out of it is the ending when Rose Dewitt Bukater is lying on top of what appears to be a floating door. To set the scene, The Titanic had gone down, everyone was in the water, but Jack and Rose managed to find one piece of the ship left big enough to serve as a raft. Jack had put Rose on it, but when he tried to get on it himself, the floating debris began to flip over. Jack chose to not get on the door with Rose, and thus froze to death in the 28 degree water.  Fans began debating about whether Rose should have moved over enough to make drawings about it, and even the show MythBusters even tested it out to prove two people could indeed fit on the door. Finally, after an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Celine Dion may have come on with a theory that can end the seemingly endless debate.

2. Celine Dion on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

On Friday, November 15th, the talented French singer Celine Dion was a featured guest on The Tonight Show, and host Jimmy Fallon had questions and photos to show the Las Vegas resident. Jimmy Fallon is aware of the endless Titanic debate and decided to ask her what she thought of it. To paraphrase one of the worlds most famous singer’s, Celine saw the picture from the movie, with Rose on the door, and Jack in the water, and she basically said, that  if people look at the image, and what happened in the movie, Rose was probably traumatized and not thinking straight. Also, Dion pointed out that the brutal temperature also played into Rose’s state of mind, describing Rose as probably freezing to death or very close to freezing to it. Celine Dion also had another valid point, which was Jack chose to stay in the water, and did not need Rose to move over or invite him onto the door. Jack had free will and made his decision, and he too, may have been too cold and traumatized to do much of anything to save himself.

Celine Dion may have just put an end to an over two decade debate involving the blockbuster hit, Titanic. The movie came out in 1997, and for a dozen years, was the number one movie in the world. The movie was about the unsinkable ship RMS Titanic, but also two young people who fall in love aboard the doomed ship named Rose and Jack.  Everyone knows that the Titanic sank, and over 1500 people died, but the movie showcases the sinking in terrifying detail, and Jack and Rose are among the passengers in the water. As luck would have it, Jack and Rose found a floating piece of debris, and Rose climbs on it while Jack stays in the water.  Jack ends up dying due to the frigid water, and this created a debate about whether Rose could have or should have moved over to let Jack up onto the piece of debris with her.  However, Celine Dion made some valid points on her Tonight Show appearance, and pointed out that both Jack and Rose had been traumatized by the sinking, and were too cold, and not thinking clearly for them to have acted in a logical manner.  Did Celine Dion finally put the door debate to an end? Perhaps she did, and only time will tell.

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