titanic-new-movie-soundtrackThe year 2017 is closely ticking to a close, there are some important dates coming up. One of the most important anniversaries coming up is the 20th anniversary of the famous movie, directed and written by James Cameron, Titanic. The movie first came out December 19, 2017, and this December will be two decades since the movie came out and basically changed the movie world, and the real world, as well.  When the movie was filming, there were a lot of stories about the filming, and its huge budget of $200 million dollars was unheard of , and everyone expected the movie to fail on a huge scale. No movie in the history had ever had such a massive budget, and the odds were against the movie being successful due to issues that occurred during filming. However, James Cameron, and the movie’s very talented cast, proved everyone on, and when Titanic was released, it broke box office records, and some of them remain to this day.  Here are more reasons why Titanic is still the greatest movie ever even after 20 years. [click to continue…]


Titanic Movie Poster DIn December of 2017, which is only months away, the James Cameron super movie Titanic will be celebrating its 20th anniversary. From 1997 to 2009, Titanic was the biggest movie ever, until Avatar, which us another James Cameron movie, was released and replaced it. However, despite the fact Titanic made over one billion dollars at the box office, there are still some people that have never seen it. What are some good reasons to watch Titanic? Here is a list below of why this 1997 film not only was the biggest movie ever for a dozen years, but also why it is loved by millions of fans around the world to this day. [click to continue…]


titanic-new-movie-soundtrackFor all of those millions of people that loved the 1997 movie Titanic,  and catapulted it to the biggest movie ever for 12 straight years, 2017 celebrates the 20th anniversary of the iconic movie. In celebration of this amazing movie, that has stood the test of time, there will be a series of posts celebrating such this impressive milestone. There have been posts regarding movie mistakes, but now it is time to deal with the star of the movies themselves. While the movies of this famous movie are often in the news, this time it was star Kate Winslet that made the headlines. Winslet gave an interview regarding her role as Rose DeWitt Butaker, and the Academy Award winning actress had other interesting things to say about what starring in this movie taught her about life.  [click to continue…]


Titanic-new-movie-posterBack in the 1990′s, famous Hollywood director, James Cameron, had already made a name for himself working on such movies as Terminator and Aliens. However, Cameron was looking for a new project, and images of icebergs, combined with his fascination for the RMS Titanic made the choice for his next movie obvious. The tragic sinking of the Titanic back in 1912 is something the world had mostly forgotten about, but a oceanic explorer named Dr. Robert Ballard, had brought the sunken ship back into the attention of the world when he found her rusting remains in 1985. Once again, the world was talking about the Titanic, and it seemed only natural for Cameron to make a movie about her short life.  Despite the long shooting schedule, A-list actors that were part of the cast, and the most impressive special effects that were especially created for the film, there are still some movie mistakes that people are still talking about even as the iconic film turns 20 this year. Here is the rest of the list of Titanic movie mistakes. [click to continue…]


Titanic Movie Poster DThe biggest movie in the world from 1997 to 2009 was Titanic directed by James Cameron. The movie had already made headlines due to the fact the budge was over $200 million dollars, which was the biggest budget ever for any movie, and everyone around the world waited for the movie to fail. There were also news reports about the special effects taking too long to make, and people were even doubting the movie would be released at all.  However, the movie was finally ready in December, and when it came out, it shattered records all around the world. The movie spent 15 weeks in the number one spot, and made over one billion dollars, which made it the biggest movie ever. This December, Titanic will be celebrating its 20th anniversary, and here are some movie mistakes that people might not even know existed. 

1. Lake Wissota Did Not Exist In 1912

LakeWissota1The most difficult part about doing a period piece movie is making sure historical facts used in the film are accurate. However, one fact that James Cameron got wrong happened in the most famous scene in the movie. When Rose is about to jump from the stern, Jack Dawson tried to distract her by mentioning a place he fished, but unfortunately, the lake he mentioned did not exist until 5 years after the Titanic went down. 

2. Cigarettes with Filters Did Not Exist Until the 1940′s

LeosmokingSeems a lot of people smoked cigarettes even back in 1912. People need to remember this was before people knew of the danger of tobacco and nicotine. However, the problem is that filters on the end of those cigarettes is modern, and did not come out until the 1940s.

3. The Map In the Wireless Room and Gymasium Has Modern Borders

220px-Lawrence_Beesley_in_the_GymnasticroomDealing with the pat is never easy for a filmmaker, but they do the best they can. James Cameron tried to make Titanic as historically accurate as he could, but not even detail could be covered. One such detail is the maps on the walls of the wireless room and gymnasium contained modern borders instead of what they may have looked like back in 1912. People may not even notice the map, and even if they do, the movie is still an amazing piece of film that will last forever.

4. The Dime Rose Pays Jack With Is Wrong

RoseDimeFor people who collect coins, one scene in the movie set off all kinds of alarm bells. It is difficult for people to see the head on the dime that Rose pays Jack, many were too busy noticing the fact the beautiful Kate Winslet is in a sexy robe, but the head on it is incorrect for its time period. Rose pays Jack with a Roosevelt head dime, but the correct one for 1912 was the Barber dime. However, considering what is going on in the scene, which is Rose nude, and Jack drawing her, does this particular mistake in the film really matter?

5. The Unsinkable Margaret Brown Was Not Known as Molly Until Much Later In Life

kathy-bates-titanic-10In the narration from old Rose, she talks about how in France, the “Unsinkable Molly Brown” was picked up.  Old Rose talks about how “we all called her Molly, but history would call her the Unsinkable Molly Brown.” However, this lovely story is not true because Margaret was called Maggie while she was on Titanic and did not pick up the name Molly until later in her life.  Also, another goof to mention involving Margaret Brown, is that in the lifeboat with Quarter Master Robert Hitchens, she actually won the argument she had, and even threatened to toss the man overboard.  Once Hitchens stopped arguing with Brown, she got the women organized rowing, which not only got them away from the sinking Titanic, but also kept them warm while they waited for the RMS Carpathia to get there. Margaret Brown really proved how strong of a woman she really was, and once she got back to her home in Denver, Colorado, she finally got the respect she truly deserved from her fellow Coloradoans and the rest of the world. The movie Titanic, which was released back in 1997, is going to be 20 years old this December. Back in 1997, there were a lot of news stories about the movie, and not all of the press was favorable. The film made headlines due to its huge budget, which was around $200 million, and its special effects, that took longer than usual to complete. However,  despite the bad press, and the bets that people made the movie would fail, the film went on to earn over a billion dollars, and was the biggest movie ever for a dozen years. There are some mistakes that are in the film that people may not notice, and the next post will cover more of those goofs.


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