BobballardThe night of April 15, 1912 is a one that will live with the world forever, and the night that changed everything. The early 20th century was a lot more naive than the world of today, and when a disaster occurred, it shocked everyone to their very core. The earth changing event was when a luxurious ship, with over 2200 people on board, struck an iceberg and sank into the waters of the North Atlantic. The name of this doomed ship was the RMS Titanic, and she would forever be known for riches, luxury, and certain death.  Since the sinking in 1912, the Titanic has been headlines for various reasons, and it did not take long for people who got an idea about finding the grand ship and raising her from her watery grave. However, despite all the hundreds of ideas that people had to find Titanic, it would not be until 1985 before someone finally had the talent and technology to locate her. The name of the explorer who found the infamous ship was Dr. Robert Ballard, and the discovery of Titanic opened her up to exploration that is still happening today. The latest Titanic exploration took place in August, and the condition of the most famous ship in the world, has everyone shocked at how bad her condition currently is.  [click to continue…]


Marion1The coat of one Titanic survivor is finally returning from exhibition to its rightful place, the Cottage Grove Museum located in Cottage Grove, Oregon. Marion Wright Woolcott wore her now infamous coat on the morning of April 10, 1912, when she walked up the ramp to board the RMS Titanic. Little did the Yeovil, England know that she was boarding a doomed ship that would sail into infamy, and another fact she was not aware of was that the brown coat around her frame would serve as a good luck charm that would keep her and her family safe in the decades to come. Now, the proud Oregon treasure will be on display once again, beginning August 10th, and for Titanic historians, this simple coat had a story almost as extraordinary as the ship that carried its owner across the ocean to the United States. [click to continue…]


Titanic+in+GantryAs passengers on Titanic embarked on a North Atlantic crossing from Southampton to New York City on the morning of April 10th, 1912, few of them likely imagined the terror that lay in store for them or that by the time the ship sank out from under them after hitting an iceberg in the wee hours of April 14th, more than 1,500 of their number would perish. Since then, Titanic historians and admirers alike have dreamed of seeing the famous sunken ocean liner up close, and it seemed as if technology and a company called OceanGate Expeditions could make those dreams come true. However, now would-be explorers who have the time and money to visit Titanic up close will have to wait until 2020 to see their hopes realized. [click to continue…]


Titaniccolor6When the RMS Titanic struck iceberg on the night of April 14th, 1912, the world was shocked to hear how the greatest, biggest, most grandest ship in the world, was in serious trouble. The information coming into New York City was too remarkable to believe. The biggest ship in the world, that had been making headlines since its inception, was hailed as being unsinkable, but now something was happening.   The RMS Titanic carried on her decks over 2200 people, and had been proclaimed as unsinkable to the world, but now something had gone horribly wrong, and this famous ship was now in jeopardy.  What in the world could have happened? Was the RMS Titanic actually sinking or was this some cruel joke that some people were playing? The awful truth was that despite this ship being the biggest in the world, and state of the art, something had happened to it, and now there were over 2200 people that were in trouble. The RMS Titanic was in trouble, and there were people being put into lifeboats, and while that was bad enough, who could possibly know that something like a cane could turn out to be a hero on the most unforgettable night in history?

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titanic-600On April 14th 1912, the biggest ship in the world, the RMS Titanic, set sail from Southampton, England.  The decks were lined with over 2200 people waving to the gathered crowd. who were all there to see this historical event. The RMS Titanic had gotten a ton of press from the moment her keel was laid, and everyone was interested in seeing this huge ship set sail on her maiden voyage. During this time in history, the world was not quite into the 20th century, and there was a certain naivety to everyone. The famous Mark Twain had given a name to this era in time, called the Gilded Age, because mankind had a certain arrogant attitude. Mankind was prospering in ways it had never before, and even the great Mother Nature herself could not touch the greatness that man suddenly had. Things such as the automobile were in an assembly line production thanks to the brilliance of Henry Ford, and other greats feats of man were happening in the United States. Was this the end of Mother Nature? Did mankind truly prove to be the dominant force in the universe? While anyone during the time period might respond with an overwhelming yes, the answer was no, and the 2200 people aboard the RMS Titanic were about to find out just how powerful Mother Nature truly was. Some of the 2200 people that boarded the biggest ship in the world, were about to pay with their lives for the arrogance of mankind.

1. The Titanic Is Found in 1985

BobballardWhen the mighty RMS Titanic sank in 1912, the world was in shock, and that spelled the end of the so-called Gilded Age. What was next? How was the world going to be now that everything had changed literally overnight? Once things had settled down, and the world began to move on from the horrific tragedy of the Titanic, the news then became, who was going to find it? Could the RMS Titanic ever be found, and raised from her watery grave? Within a few months of the sinking, there were plans in the works to bring the Titanic, and the search was on for her, but no one was able to locate her. It would take decades for the right technology to be created. It was not until 1985, that the right man, with the right technology, would be the one to find the Titanic in her final resting place. Dr. Robert Ballard, who represented the Woods Hole Institute, with the help of the US Navy, would be the ones to find the great ship. When Ballard found the Titanic, the world got the fever, and it has been infected with it ever since. Dr. Robert Ballard is the one who first explored the lost ship, sent pictures of her tattered remains to the world, and she has been making the news consistently ever since.

2. A Titanic Celebration for the 107th Anniversary of the RMS Titanic Sinking

April 15, 2019, is the 107th anniversary of the sinking of the RMS Titanic. To commemorate such an occassion, the city of Cohn, Ireland, marked the special occasion with a ceremony. What is so specail about Cohn, Ireland? What people may not know, is that when the RMS Titanic set sail from Southampton, England, she made a couple of stops before she headed out across the North Atlantic. The first stop the Titanic made was the night of April 10th, when she stopped at Cherbourg, France. The next stop was the city of Queenstown, Ireland, but later on, it was renamed Cobh in 1920. There were 123 residents of Queenstown that boarded the Titanic that fateful day, and for the anniversary, the town wants to pay tribute to the ship and its fallen residents.

CobhIrelandMemorialOn Sunday, April 14, 1912, the ceremony will begin at the Titanic Memorial Garden, which is located on the waterfront, and from that point, the final place the Titanic anchored before she headed out to the open sea. A wreath will be placed on the glass memorial wall, which bears the names of the 123 passengers that were on the unsinkable ship that fateful night.  There will be a parade from Old Town Hall at Lynch’s Quay to the Titanic Memorial located in Pearse Square. At the Titanic Memorial, the names of the passengers from Queenstown that died are listed there, and out of 123 passengers, 79 were killed when the Titanic struck the iceberg and sank.


Those that boarded the Titanic were looking for a better life in a new country with all of their hopes and dreams packed into whatever bags they could carry.  Some of the passengers that boarded the Titanic were from all walks of life, and whether they were from America, France, or Ireland, they all wanted to experience adventure on the open sea. However, on the night of April 14,1912, the most amazing ship in the world, hit an iceberg, and slowly sank into the North Atlantic. Despite everything that the crew tried to do, the ship slipped into the black water, and over 1500 people lost their lives. Ever since 1912, there have been ceremonies every year to pay tribute to those who lost their lives on that fateful day, and people will continue to learn lessons about the biggest ship in the world that set sailed from England, but never made it to New York City.




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