Second Class Survivors

Below is a list of 118 survivors traveling on a second-class ticket and where they boarded the Titanic.

Mrs Anna AbelsonSecond28Cherbourg
Mrs Florence Agnes AngleSecond36Southampton
Mrs Ada Elizabeth BallsSecond36Southampton
Mr Edward BeaneSecond32Southampton
Mrs Ethel Louisa BeaneSecond22Southampton
Mrs Nellie E. BeckerSecond35Southampton
Miss Marion Louise BeckerSecond4Southampton
Master Richard F. BeckerSecond1Southampton
Miss Ruth Elizabeth BeckerSecond12Southampton
Mr Lawrence BeesleySecond34Southampton
Miss Lillian Winifred BenthamSecond19Southampton
Mrs Elizabeth Catherine BrownSecond44Southampton
Miss Edith Eileen BrownSecond15Southampton
Miss Dagmar Jenny Ingeborg BryhlSecond20Southampton
Miss Kate BussSecond36Southampton
Mrs Karolina ByströmSecond39Southampton
Mr Albert Francis CaldwellSecond26Southampton
Mrs Sylvia Mae CaldwellSecond28Southampton
Master Alden Gates CaldwellSecond10mSouthampton
Miss Clear Annie CameronSecond35Southampton
Mrs Alice Frances ChristySecond52Southampton
Miss Rachel Juli Cohen ChristySecond25Southampton
Mrs Ada Maria ClarkeSecond28Southampton
Mr Sidney Clarence Stuart CollettSecond25Southampton
Mrs Charlotte Caroline CollyerSecond30Southampton
Miss Marjorie Lottie CollyerSecond8Southampton
Mrs Selena CookSecond22Southampton
Mrs Agnes DaviesSecond48Southampton
Master John Morgan jr DaviesSecond8Southampton
Miss Mary Ann Charlotte DavisSecond28Southampton
Mrs Argene Del CarloSecond24Cherbourg
Mrs Ada Julia Elizabeth DolingSecond34Southampton
Miss Elsie DolingSecond18Southampton
Mrs Maria Louisa Thorne DrewSecond34Southampton
Master Marshall Brines DrewSecond8Southampton
Miss Florentina Durán I MonéSecond30Cherbourg
Miss Asuncion Durán I MonéSecond27Cherbourg
Miss Ethel GarsideSecond39Southampton
Mrs Anna Lydia Amanda HämäläinenSecond23Southampton
Master Viljo Unto Johannes HämäläinenSecond1Southampton
Miss Annie Jessie HarperSecond6Southampton
Mr George HarrisSecond62Southampton
Mrs Emily Esther Louisa HartSecond48Southampton
Miss Eva Miriam HartSecond7Southampton
Mrs Jane HermanSecond50Southampton
Miss Alice HermanSecond24Southampton
Miss Kate HermanSecond24Southampton
Mrs Mary Dunbar HewlettSecond56Southampton
Mrs Eliza HockingSecond54Southampton
Miss Ellen HockingSecond20Southampton
Mrs Annie Margaret HoldSecond29Southampton
Mr Masabumi HosonoSecond41Southampton
Miss Bertha IlettSecond17Southampton
Mrs Amy Frances Christy JacobsohnSecond24Southampton
Mrs Marie Marthe JerwanSecond23Cherbourg
Mrs Miriam KantorSecond24Southampton
Miss Nora Agnes KeaneSecond46Queenstown
Mrs Fanny Maria KellySecond48Southampton
Mrs Juliette Marie Louise LarocheSecond22Cherbourg
Miss Louise LarocheSecond1Cherbourg
Miss Simonne Marie Anne Andrée LarocheSecond3Cherbourg
Miss Bertha LehmannSecond17Cherbourg
Miss Jessie Wills LeitchSecond31Southampton
Mrs Amelia LemoreSecond39Southampton
Mrs Alice Adelaide LouchSecond42Southampton
Mrs Antonine Marie MalletSecond24Cherbourg
Master André Clement MalletSecond1Cherbourg
Mrs Elizabeth Anne MellingerSecond42Southampton
Miss Violet Madeline MellingerSecond13Southampton
Mr William John MellorsSecond19Southampton
Mrs Adāl Naṣr AllāhSecond17Cherbourg
Master Edmond Roger NavratilSecond2Southampton
Master Michel Marcel NavratilSecond3Southampton
Mrs Elizabeth NyeSecond29Southampton
Mr Percy Thomas OxenhamSecond22Southampton
Mr Julian Padron ManentSecond26Cherbourg
Mr Emilio Pallàs I CastellóSecond29Cherbourg
Mrs Lutie Davis ParrishSecond59Southampton
Miss Alice Frances Louisa PhillipsSecond21Southampton
Miss Kate Florence PhillipsSecond19Southampton
Mrs Rosa PinskySecond32Southampton
Mr Emilio Ilario Giuseppe PortaluppiSecond30Cherbourg
Mrs Jane QuickSecond33Southampton
Miss Winnifred Vera QuickSecond8Southampton
Miss Phyllis May QuickSecond2Southampton
Mrs Lillian RenoufSecond30Southampton
Mrs Encarnación ReynaldoSecond29Southampton
Mrs Emily RichardsSecond24Southampton
Master William Rowe RichardsSecond3Southampton
Master Sibley George RichardsSecond9mSouthampton
Miss Lucy RidsdaleSecond58Southampton
Miss Emily RuggSecond22Southampton
Mrs Imanita Parrish ShelleySecond24Southampton
Miss Lyyli Karoliina SilvénSecond17Southampton
Miss Maude SincockSecond20Southampton
Miss Anna SinkkonenSecond30Southampton
Miss Hilda Mary SlayterSecond30Queenstown
Miss Marion SmithSecond49Southampton
Miss Ellen Mary ToomeySecond50Southampton
Mrs Jessie Laird TroutSecond27Southampton
Miss Edwina Celia TrouttSecond27Southampton
Miss Ellen 'Nellie' WallcroftSecond36Southampton
Mrs Florence Louise WareSecond32Southampton
Mrs Elizabeth WattSecond40Southampton
Miss Robertha Josephine WattSecond12Southampton
Miss Susan WebberSecond38Southampton
Mrs Mathilde Françoise WeiszSecond37Southampton
Mrs Addie Dart WellsSecond29Southampton
Miss Joan WellsSecond4Southampton
Master Ralph Lester WellsSecond2Southampton
Mrs Ada Mary WestSecond33Southampton
Miss Constance Miriam WestSecond4Southampton
Miss Barbara Joyce WestSecond10mSouthampton
Mr Charles WhilemsSecond31Southampton
Mrs Elizabeth Anne WilkinsonSecond30Southampton
Mr Charles Eugene WilliamsSecond23Southampton
Miss Marion WrightSecond26Southampton
Miss Amelia Mary BrownSecond (Servant)18Southampton