Titanic Survivors List

Below is a list of the 500 surviving passengers from the Titanic. This excludes surviving crew which will be listed in a separate list.

Miss Elisabeth Walton AllenFirst29Southampton
Master Hudson Trevor AllisonFirst11mSouthampton
Mr Harry AndersonFirst42Southampton
Miss Cornelia Theodosia AndrewsFirst62Cherbourg
Mrs Charlotte AppletonFirst53Southampton
Mrs Madeleine Talmage AstorFirst18Cherbourg
Mme. Léontine Pauline AubartFirst24Cherbourg
Mr Algernon Henry BarkworthFirst47Southampton
Mrs Hélène BaxterFirst50Cherbourg
Mr Richard Leonard BeckwithFirst37Southampton
Mrs Sarah Maybell BeckwithFirst46Southampton
Mr Karl Howell BehrFirst26Cherbourg
Mr Dickinson H. BishopFirst25Cherbourg
Mrs Helen Margaret BishopFirst19Cherbourg
Mr Mauritz Håkan Björnström-steffanssonFirst28Southampton
Mr Henry BlankFirst39Cherbourg
Miss Caroline BonnellFirst30Southampton
Miss Elizabeth BonnellFirst61Southampton
Miss Elsie Edith BowermanFirst22Southampton
Mr George Andrew BreretonFirst37Southampton
Mrs Caroline Lane BrownFirst59Southampton
Mrs Margaret BrownFirst44Cherbourg
Mrs Emma Eliza BucknellFirst58Cherbourg
Mr Edward Pennington CalderheadFirst42Southampton
Mrs Helen Churchill CandeeFirst52Cherbourg
Mrs Charlotte Wardle CardezaFirst58Cherbourg
Mr Thomas Drake Martinez CardezaFirst36Cherbourg
Mr William Ernest CarterFirst36Southampton
Mrs Lucile CarterFirst36Southampton
Miss Lucile Polk CarterFirst14Southampton
Master William Thornton II CarterFirst11Southampton
Mrs Eleanor Genevieve CassebeerFirst36Cherbourg
Mrs Julia Florence CavendishFirst25Southampton
Mrs Carrie Constance ChaffeeFirst47Southampton
Mr Norman Campbell ChambersFirst27Southampton
Mrs Bertha ChambersFirst32Southampton
Miss Gladys CherryFirst30Southampton
Mr Paul Romaine Marie Léonce ChevréFirst45Cherbourg
Mrs Edith Martha Bowerman ChibnallFirst48Southampton
Mrs Virginia Estelle ClarkFirst26Cherbourg
Mrs Mary Eliza ComptonFirst64Cherbourg
Miss Sara Rebecca ComptonFirst39Cherbourg
Mrs Malvina Helen CornellFirst55Southampton
Mrs Catherine Elizabeth CrosbyFirst64Southampton
Miss Harriette Rebecca CrosbyFirst39Southampton
Mrs Florence Briggs CumingsFirst35Cherbourg
Mr Peter Dennis DalyFirst51Southampton
Mr Robert Williams DanielFirst27Southampton
Mrs Orian DavidsonFirst27Cherbourg
Mr Albert Adrian DickFirst31Southampton
Mrs Vera DickFirst20Southampton
Dr Washington DodgeFirst52Southampton
Mrs Ruth DodgeFirst38Southampton
Master Washington DodgeFirst4Southampton
Mrs Mahala DouglasFirst48Cherbourg
Mrs Mary Hélène DouglasFirst27Cherbourg
Sir Cosmo Edmund Duff GordonFirst49Cherbourg
Lucy Christiana Duff GordonFirst48Cherbourg
Mrs Olive EarnshawFirst23Cherbourg
Miss Elizabeth Mussey EustisFirst54Cherbourg
Mrs Antoinette FlegenheimFirst48Cherbourg
Mr John Irwin FlynnFirst36Southampton
Mrs Mary FortuneFirst60Southampton
Miss Ethel Flora FortuneFirst28Southampton
Miss Alice Elizabeth FortuneFirst24Southampton
Miss Mabel Helen FortuneFirst23Southampton
Mr Isaac Gerry FrauenthalFirst43Cherbourg
Dr Henry William FrauenthalFirst49Southampton
Mrs Clara FrauenthalFirst42Southampton
Miss Hedwig Margaritha FrölicherFirst22Cherbourg
Mr Maximilian Josef Frölicher-stehliFirst60Cherbourg
Mrs Margaretha Emerentia Frölicher-stehliFirst48Cherbourg
Mrs Lily May FutrelleFirst35Southampton
Mrs Pauline Caroline GibsonFirst45Cherbourg
Miss Dorothy Winifred GibsonFirst22Cherbourg
Mr Samuel Levi GoldenbergFirst47Cherbourg
Mrs Nella Carlynne GoldenbergFirst46Cherbourg
Colonel Archibald GracieFirst53Southampton
Mrs Edith GrahamFirst58Southampton
Miss Margaret Edith GrahamFirst19Southampton
Mrs Blanche GreenfieldFirst45Cherbourg
Mr William Bertram GreenfieldFirst23Cherbourg
Mr George Achilles HarderFirst25Cherbourg
Mrs Dorothy HarderFirst21Cherbourg
Mr Henry Sleeper HarperFirst48Cherbourg
Mrs Myra Raymond HarperFirst49Cherbourg
Mrs Irene HarrisFirst35Southampton
Mr Walter James HawksfordFirst45Southampton
Mrs Clara Jennings HaysFirst52Southampton
Miss Margaret Bechstein HaysFirst24Cherbourg
Mrs Ida Sophia HippachFirst44Cherbourg
Miss Gertrude Isabelle HippachFirst17Cherbourg
Mrs Anna Louisa HogeboomFirst51Cherbourg
Mrs Mary Alice HolversonFirst35Southampton
Mr Harry Haven HomerFirst40Southampton
Mr Frederick Maxfield HoytFirst38Southampton
Mrs Jane Anne HoytFirst33Southampton
Mr Joseph Bruce IsmayFirst49Southampton
Mrs Marion Estelle KenyonFirst40Southampton
Mr Edwin Nelson Jr. KimballFirst42Southampton
Mrs Susan Gertrude KimballFirst45Southampton
Dr Alice May LeaderFirst49Southampton
Mrs Sigrid LindströmFirst55Cherbourg
Mrs Elizabeth Lindsey LinesFirst50Cherbourg
Miss Mary Conover LinesFirst16Cherbourg
Miss Gretchen Fiske LongleyFirst21Cherbourg
Miss Georgette Alexandra MadillFirst16Southampton
Mr Pierre MaréchalFirst29Cherbourg
Mrs Mary Graham Carmichael MarvinFirst18Southampton
Mlle Berthe Antonine MaynéFirst24Cherbourg
Mr James Robert McgoughFirst35Southampton
Mrs Leila MeyerFirst25Cherbourg
Mrs Lillian Mae MinahanFirst37Queenstown
Miss Ida Daisy MinahanFirst33Queenstown
Mr Philipp Edmund MockFirst30Cherbourg
Miss Marjorie Anne NewellFirst23Cherbourg
Miss Madeleine NewellFirst31Cherbourg
Miss Helen Monypeny NewsomFirst19Southampton
Mr Alfred NourneyFirst20Cherbourg
Mr Alfred Fernand OmontFirst29Cherbourg
Miss Helen Ragnhild OstbyFirst22Southampton
Mrs Edith PearsFirst22Southampton
Mrs Maria Josefa Perezde Soto y Vallejo Peñasco Y CastellanaFirst22Cherbourg
Major Arthur Godfrey PeuchenFirst52Southampton
Mrs Lily Alexenia PotterFirst56Cherbourg
Mr George Alexander Lucien RheimsFirst33Cherbourg
Mrs Elisabeth Walton RobertFirst43Southampton
Mr Charles Hallace RomaineFirst45Southampton
Miss Edith Louise RosenbaumFirst32Cherbourg
Lucy Noël Martha RothesFirst33Southampton
Mrs Elizabeth Jane Anne RothschildFirst54Cherbourg
Mrs Emily Maria RyersonFirst48Cherbourg
Miss Emily Borie RyersonFirst18Cherbourg
Miss Susan Parker RyersonFirst21Cherbourg
Master John Borie RyersonFirst13Cherbourg
Mr Adolphe SaalfeldFirst47Southampton
Mr Abraham Lincoln SalomonFirst43Southampton
Mrs Emma SchabertFirst35Cherbourg
Mr Frederic Kimber SewardFirst34Southampton
Mr Spencer Victor SilverthorneFirst35Southampton
Mrs Alice Gray SilveyFirst39Cherbourg
Mr Colonel (Oberst) Alfons Simonius-blumerFirst56Southampton
Mr William Thompson SloperFirst28Southampton
Mrs Mary Eloise SmithFirst18Cherbourg
Mr John Pillsbury SnyderFirst24Southampton
Mrs Nelle SnyderFirst23Southampton
Mr Frederic Oakley SpeddenFirst45Cherbourg
Mrs Margaretta Corning SpeddenFirst39Cherbourg
Master Robert Douglas SpeddenFirst6Cherbourg
Mrs Marie Eugenie SpencerFirst48Cherbourg
Dr Max Stähelin-maeglinFirst32Southampton
Mr Charles Emil Henry StengelFirst54Cherbourg
Mrs Annie May StengelFirst43Cherbourg
Mrs Martha StephensonFirst52Cherbourg
Mrs Martha Evelyn StoneFirst61Southampton
Mrs Margaret Welles SwiftFirst46Southampton
Mrs Tillie TaussigFirst39Southampton
Miss Ruth TaussigFirst18Southampton
Mr Elmer Zebley TaylorFirst48Southampton
Mrs Juliet Cummins TaylorFirst49Southampton
Mrs Marian Longstreth ThayerFirst39Cherbourg
Mr John Borland ThayerFirst17Cherbourg
Miss Gertrude Mabelle ThorneFirst37Cherbourg
Mr Gilbert Milligan jr TuckerFirst31Cherbourg
Mrs Anna Sophia WarrenFirst60Cherbourg
Mrs Ella Holmes WhiteFirst55Cherbourg
Mrs Mary Peebles WickFirst45Southampton
Miss Mary Natalie WickFirst31Southampton
Mrs Eleanor WidenerFirst50Southampton
Miss Constance WillardFirst21Southampton
Mr Richard Norris WilliamsFirst21Cherbourg
Mr Hugh WoolnerFirst45Southampton
Miss Marie Grice YoungFirst36Cherbourg
Miss Ellen Mary BarberFirst (Servant)26Southampton
Mrs Albina BassaniFirst (Servant)31Cherbourg
Miss Nellie Mayo BessetteFirst (Servant)39Cherbourg
Miss Rosalie BidoisFirst (Servant)46Cherbourg
Miss Ellen BirdFirst (Servant)31Southampton
Miss Grace Scott BowenFirst (Servant)45Cherbourg
Miss Elizabeth Margaret BurnsFirst (Servant)41Cherbourg
Miss Victorine ChaudansonFirst (Servant)36Cherbourg
Miss Alice Catherine CleaverFirst (Servant)22Southampton
Miss Sarah DanielsFirst (Servant)33Southampton
Miss Caroline Louise EndresFirst (Servant)39Cherbourg
Miss Margaret FlemingFirst (Servant)42Cherbourg
Miss Laura Mabel FrancatelliFirst (Servant)31Cherbourg
Miss Amalie Henriette GiegerFirst (Servant)35Southampton
Mr Hammad HassabFirst (Servant)27Cherbourg
Miss Rose Amélie IcardFirst (Servant)39Southampton
Miss Emilie KreuchenFirst (Servant)29Southampton
Miss Berthe LeroyFirst (Servant)27Cherbourg
Mr Louis Gustave Joseph LesueurFirst (Servant)35Cherbourg
Miss Eugénie Elise LuretteFirst (Servant)59Cherbourg
Miss Roberta Elizabeth Mary MaioniFirst (Servant)20Southampton
Doña Fermina Oliva Y OcanaFirst (Servant)39Cherbourg
Miss Mary Anne PerreaultFirst (Servant)33Southampton
Mlle Emma SägesserFirst (Servant)24Cherbourg
Miss Augusta Jeanne SerreplaàFirst (Servant)30Southampton
Miss Elizabeth Weed ShutesFirst (Servant)40Southampton
Miss Annie Moore WardFirst (Servant)37Cherbourg
Miss Helen Alice WilsonFirst (Servant)33Cherbourg
Mrs Anna AbelsonSecond28Cherbourg
Mrs Florence Agnes AngleSecond36Southampton
Mrs Ada Elizabeth BallsSecond36Southampton
Mr Edward BeaneSecond32Southampton
Mrs Ethel Louisa BeaneSecond22Southampton
Mrs Nellie E. BeckerSecond35Southampton
Miss Marion Louise BeckerSecond4Southampton
Master Richard F. BeckerSecond1Southampton
Miss Ruth Elizabeth BeckerSecond12Southampton
Mr Lawrence BeesleySecond34Southampton
Miss Lillian Winifred BenthamSecond19Southampton
Mrs Elizabeth Catherine BrownSecond44Southampton
Miss Edith Eileen BrownSecond15Southampton
Miss Dagmar Jenny Ingeborg BryhlSecond20Southampton
Miss Kate BussSecond36Southampton
Mrs Karolina ByströmSecond39Southampton
Mr Albert Francis CaldwellSecond26Southampton
Mrs Sylvia Mae CaldwellSecond28Southampton
Master Alden Gates CaldwellSecond10mSouthampton
Miss Clear Annie CameronSecond35Southampton
Mrs Alice Frances ChristySecond52Southampton
Miss Rachel Juli Cohen ChristySecond25Southampton
Mrs Ada Maria ClarkeSecond28Southampton
Mr Sidney Clarence Stuart CollettSecond25Southampton
Mrs Charlotte Caroline CollyerSecond30Southampton
Miss Marjorie Lottie CollyerSecond8Southampton
Mrs Selena CookSecond22Southampton
Mrs Agnes DaviesSecond48Southampton
Master John Morgan jr DaviesSecond8Southampton
Miss Mary Ann Charlotte DavisSecond28Southampton
Mrs Argene Del CarloSecond24Cherbourg
Mrs Ada Julia Elizabeth DolingSecond34Southampton
Miss Elsie DolingSecond18Southampton
Mrs Maria Louisa Thorne DrewSecond34Southampton
Master Marshall Brines DrewSecond8Southampton
Miss Florentina Durán I MonéSecond30Cherbourg
Miss Asuncion Durán I MonéSecond27Cherbourg
Miss Ethel GarsideSecond39Southampton
Mrs Anna Lydia Amanda HämäläinenSecond23Southampton
Master Viljo Unto Johannes HämäläinenSecond1Southampton
Miss Annie Jessie HarperSecond6Southampton
Mr George HarrisSecond62Southampton
Mrs Emily Esther Louisa HartSecond48Southampton
Miss Eva Miriam HartSecond7Southampton
Mrs Jane HermanSecond50Southampton
Miss Alice HermanSecond24Southampton
Miss Kate HermanSecond24Southampton
Mrs Mary Dunbar HewlettSecond56Southampton
Mrs Eliza HockingSecond54Southampton
Miss Ellen HockingSecond20Southampton
Mrs Annie Margaret HoldSecond29Southampton
Mr Masabumi HosonoSecond41Southampton
Miss Bertha IlettSecond17Southampton
Mrs Amy Frances Christy JacobsohnSecond24Southampton
Mrs Marie Marthe JerwanSecond23Cherbourg
Mrs Miriam KantorSecond24Southampton
Miss Nora Agnes KeaneSecond46Queenstown
Mrs Fanny Maria KellySecond48Southampton
Mrs Juliette Marie Louise LarocheSecond22Cherbourg
Miss Louise LarocheSecond1Cherbourg
Miss Simonne Marie Anne Andrée LarocheSecond3Cherbourg
Miss Bertha LehmannSecond17Cherbourg
Miss Jessie Wills LeitchSecond31Southampton
Mrs Amelia LemoreSecond39Southampton
Mrs Alice Adelaide LouchSecond42Southampton
Mrs Antonine Marie MalletSecond24Cherbourg
Master André Clement MalletSecond1Cherbourg
Mrs Elizabeth Anne MellingerSecond42Southampton
Miss Violet Madeline MellingerSecond13Southampton
Mr William John MellorsSecond19Southampton
Mrs Adāl Naṣr AllāhSecond17Cherbourg
Master Edmond Roger NavratilSecond2Southampton
Master Michel Marcel NavratilSecond3Southampton
Mrs Elizabeth NyeSecond29Southampton
Mr Percy Thomas OxenhamSecond22Southampton
Mr Julian Padron ManentSecond26Cherbourg
Mr Emilio Pallàs I CastellóSecond29Cherbourg
Mrs Lutie Davis ParrishSecond59Southampton
Miss Alice Frances Louisa PhillipsSecond21Southampton
Miss Kate Florence PhillipsSecond19Southampton
Mrs Rosa PinskySecond32Southampton
Mr Emilio Ilario Giuseppe PortaluppiSecond30Cherbourg
Mrs Jane QuickSecond33Southampton
Miss Winnifred Vera QuickSecond8Southampton
Miss Phyllis May QuickSecond2Southampton
Mrs Lillian RenoufSecond30Southampton
Mrs Encarnación ReynaldoSecond29Southampton
Mrs Emily RichardsSecond24Southampton
Master William Rowe RichardsSecond3Southampton
Master Sibley George RichardsSecond9mSouthampton
Miss Lucy RidsdaleSecond58Southampton
Miss Emily RuggSecond22Southampton
Mrs Imanita Parrish ShelleySecond24Southampton
Miss Lyyli Karoliina SilvénSecond17Southampton
Miss Maude SincockSecond20Southampton
Miss Anna SinkkonenSecond30Southampton
Miss Hilda Mary SlayterSecond30Queenstown
Miss Marion SmithSecond49Southampton
Miss Ellen Mary ToomeySecond50Southampton
Mrs Jessie Laird TroutSecond27Southampton
Miss Edwina Celia TrouttSecond27Southampton
Miss Ellen 'Nellie' WallcroftSecond36Southampton
Mrs Florence Louise WareSecond32Southampton
Mrs Elizabeth WattSecond40Southampton
Miss Robertha Josephine WattSecond12Southampton
Miss Susan WebberSecond38Southampton
Mrs Mathilde Françoise WeiszSecond37Southampton
Mrs Addie Dart WellsSecond29Southampton
Miss Joan WellsSecond4Southampton
Master Ralph Lester WellsSecond2Southampton
Mrs Ada Mary WestSecond33Southampton
Miss Constance Miriam WestSecond4Southampton
Miss Barbara Joyce WestSecond10mSouthampton
Mr Charles WhilemsSecond31Southampton
Mrs Elizabeth Anne WilkinsonSecond30Southampton
Mr Charles Eugene WilliamsSecond23Southampton
Miss Marion WrightSecond26Southampton
Miss Amelia Mary BrownSecond (Servant)18Southampton
Mrs Rhoda Mary 'Rosa' AbbottThird39Southampton
Miss Kalle (Karen) Marie Kristiane AbelsethThird16Southampton
Mr Olaus Jørgensen AbelsethThird25Southampton
Mrs Sha'nīnah Abī Sa'bThird38Cherbourg
Mr Nāsīf Qāsim Abī-al-munàThird27Cherbourg
Mr August Abraham Johannes AbrahamssonThird19Southampton
Mrs Leah AksThird21Southampton
Master Philip AksThird10mSouthampton
Mrs Laṭīfah Al-ba'qlīnīThird23Cherbourg
Miss Mārīyā Al-ba'qlīnīThird5Cherbourg
Miss Ūwjīnīyā Al-ba'qlīnīThird3Cherbourg
Miss Hilānah Al-ba'qlīnīThird2Cherbourg
Mr Fahīm Rūḥānā Al-za'innīThird25Cherbourg
Miss Carla Christine Nielsine Andersen (Jensen)Third19Southampton
Miss Erna Alexandra AnderssonThird16Southampton
Master Edvin Rojj Felix AsplundThird3Southampton
Mr Johan Charles AsplundThird23Southampton
Mrs Selma Augusta Emilia AsplundThird38Southampton
Miss Lillian Gertrud AsplundThird5Southampton
Miss Bannūrah Ayyūb-dāhirThird15Cherbourg
Mrs Maria Mathilda BackströmThird33Southampton
Miss Emily Louisa BadmanThird18Southampton
Mr Lee BingThird32Southampton
Miss Bridget BradleyThird22Queenstown
Mr Daniel BuckleyThird21Queenstown
Mr Chang ChipThird32Southampton
Mr Gurshon CohenThird19Southampton
Miss Catherine ConnollyThird23Queenstown
Miss Ellen CorrThird16Queenstown
Mrs Minnie CouttsThird36Southampton
Master William Loch CouttsThird9Southampton
Master Neville Leslie CouttsThird3Southampton
Miss Laura May CribbThird16Southampton
Mr Charles Edward DahlThird45Southampton
Miss Margaret DalyThird33Queenstown
Mr Eugene Patrick DalyThird29Queenstown
Mrs Mary Elizabeth DavisonThird34Southampton
Mr Guillaume Joseph De MessemaekerThird36Southampton
Mrs Anna De MessemaekerThird36Southampton
Mr Theodoor De MulderThird30Southampton
Mrs Eva Georgetta DeanThird32Southampton
Master Bertram Vere DeanThird1Southampton
Miss Eliza Gladys Millvina DeanThird2mSouthampton
Miss Margaret Bedelia DevaneyThird20Queenstown
Mr Edward Arthur DorkingsThird18Southampton
Miss Elizabeth DowdellThird31Southampton
Miss Bridget DriscollThird27Queenstown
Miss Jennie DropkinThird24Southampton
Mr Joseph Pierre DuqueminThird24Southampton
Mrs Anna Elisabeth Judith DykerThird22Southampton
Miss Virginia Ethel EmanuelThird6Southampton
Mr Luigi FinoliThird41Southampton
Mr Choong FooThird32Southampton
Miss Kate GilnaghThird17Queenstown
Miss Mary Agatha GlynnThird18Queenstown
Mrs Emily Alice GoldsmithThird31Southampton
Master Frank John William GoldsmithThird9Southampton
Mrs Elin Matilda HakkarainenThird24Southampton
Mr Mubārik Sulaymān Abī Āsī ḤannāThird27Cherbourg
Mrs Jennie Louise HansenThird45Southampton
Miss Honor HealyThird33Queenstown
Mr Oskar Arvid HedmanThird27Southampton
Mr Ling HeeThird24Southampton
Miss Laina Maria HeikkinenThird16Southampton
Miss Hilda Maria HellströmThird22Southampton
Mrs Helga Elisabeth Lindqvist HirvonenThird22Southampton
Miss Hildur Elisabeth HirvonenThird2Southampton
Miss Eliina HonkanenThird28Southampton
Miss May Elizabeth HowardThird26Southampton
Mr Joseph Abraham HymanThird31Southampton
Mrs Sāfiyah IbrāhīmThird18Cherbourg
Mr Ivan JalševacThird30Cherbourg
Mr Carl Olof JanssonThird21Southampton
Miss Annie Jane JermynThird26Queenstown
Mr Bernt Johannes JohannesenThird29Southampton
Mr Oscar Wilhelm JohanssonThird32Southampton
Mrs Aliina Vilhelmina JohnsonThird27Southampton
Master Harold Theodor JohnsonThird4Southampton
Miss Eleanor Ileen JohnsonThird1Southampton
Mr Karl JonssonThird25Southampton
Mr Eiriik JussilaThird32Southampton
Mr Einar Gervasius KarlssonThird21Southampton
Mr Franz KarunThird39Cherbourg
Miss Manca KarunThird5Cherbourg
Miss Anna Katherine KellyThird20Queenstown
Miss Mary KellyThird22Queenstown
Mr John KennedyThird24Queenstown
Mr Anton KinkThird29Southampton
Mrs Luise Kink-heilmannThird26Southampton
Miss Luise Gretchen Kink-heilmannThird4Southampton
Mr Neshan KrekorianThird25Cherbourg
Mr Ah LamThird38Southampton
Miss Aurora Adelia LandergrenThird22Southampton
Mr Fang LangThird17Southampton
Mr Eino William LindqvistThird20Southampton
Mr Nikola LulićThird29Southampton
Miss Olga Elida LundinThird23Southampton
Mr Thure Edvin LundströmThird32Southampton
Miss Margaret MadiganThird21Queenstown
Mr Fridtjof Arne MadsenThird24Southampton
Mr Hannā Mikā'īl MāmāThird20Cherbourg
Miss Margaret MannionThird28Queenstown
Miss Catherine MccarthyThird24Queenstown
Mr Thomas Joseph MccormackThird19Queenstown
Miss Agnes MccoyThird29Queenstown
Miss Alice MccoyThird26Queenstown
Mr Bernard MccoyThird24Queenstown
Miss Bridget Delia McdermottThird31Queenstown
Miss Mary McgovernThird20Queenstown
Miss Anna Louise McgowanThird17Queenstown
Mr Karl Albert MidtsjøThird21Southampton
Miss Ellen Mary MocklerThird23Queenstown
Mrs Beila MoorThird29Southampton
Master Meier MoorThird7Southampton
Miss Bridget MoranThird28Queenstown
Mr Albert Johan MossThird29Southampton
Mrs Mantoura Boulos MoussaThird35Cherbourg
Mrs Amīnah MubārikThird25Cherbourg
Master Jirjis MubārikThird7Cherbourg
Master Halīm MubārikThird4Cherbourg
Miss Kate MullinThird21Queenstown
Miss Bridget Elizabeth MulvihillThird25Queenstown
Miss Nora MurphyThird31Queenstown
Miss Margaret MurphyThird25Queenstown
Miss Kate MurphyThird18Queenstown
Mrs Fatīmah Muhammad MuslamānīThird22Cherbourg
Miss Adāl Najīb QiyāmahThird15Cherbourg
Mr Sa'īd Antūn NakidThird20Cherbourg
Mrs Wadi'ah NakidThird19Cherbourg
Miss Mariayam NakidThird1Cherbourg
Mrs Zād Naṣr AllāhThird45Cherbourg
Miss Berta Olivia NilssonThird18Southampton
Miss Helmina Josefina NilssonThird26Southampton
Miss Jamīlah Nīqūla YāridThird14Cherbourg
Master Ilyās Nīqūla YāridThird11Cherbourg
Mr Juho NiskanenThird42Southampton
Miss Anna Sofia NystenThird22Southampton
Mrs Hannah O'brienThird27Queenstown
Miss Ellen O'dwyerThird22Queenstown
Mr Patrick O'keeffeThird21Queenstown
Miss Hanora O'learyThird16Queenstown
Miss Velin Matilda ÖhmanThird22Southampton
Master Artur Karl OlsenThird9Southampton
Mrs Mara OsmanThird31Southampton
Mr Oskar Leander Johansson PalmquistThird26Southampton
Mr Ernst Ulrik PerssonThird25Southampton
Mr Benoît PicardThird33Southampton
Miss Hannah RiordanThird21Queenstown
Miss Sarah RothThird26Southampton
Mr Edward RyanThird24Queenstown
Miss Anna Kristine SalkjelsvikThird21Southampton
Mrs Agnes Charlotta SandströmThird24Southampton
Miss Beatrice Irene SandströmThird1Southampton
Miss Marguerite Rut SandströmThird4Southampton
Mr Julius SapThird21Southampton
Mr Jean ScheerlinckThird29Southampton
Miss Ellen ShineThird20Queenstown
Miss Anna Sofia SjöblomThird18Southampton
Miss Julia SmythThird18Queenstown
Miss Amy Zillah Elsie StanleyThird24Southampton
Mr Juho Niilosson StrandénThird30Southampton
Mr Victor Francis SunderlandThird20Southampton
Mr Johan Julian SundmanThird45Southampton
Mr Johan Cervin SvenssonThird14Southampton
Mrs Thamīn TannūsThird16Cherbourg
Master As'ad TannūsThird5mCherbourg
Mr Gunnar Isidor TenglinThird25Southampton
Mrs Florence Kate ThorneycroftThird32Southampton
Mr Johan Vilhelm Henrik TörnqvistThird26Southampton
Mrs Hinnah Tu'mahThird27Cherbourg
Miss Mariyam Tu'mahThird9Cherbourg
Master Jirjis Yūsuf Tu'mahThird8Cherbourg
Miss Anna Sofia TurjaThird18Southampton
Mrs Hedwig TurkulaThird64Southampton
Mr David VartanianThird22Cherbourg
Mr August WennerströmThird27Southampton
Mrs Ellen WilkesThird47Southampton
Mrs Sīlānah Iskandar Nāsīf Abī Dāghir YazbakThird17Cherbourg
Mrs Kātrīn YūsufThird23Cherbourg
Master Michael (Shafīq) Peter YūsufThird4Cherbourg
Miss Nabīah YūsufThird2Cherbourg