Drain the Titanic – Documentary Review

The RMS Titanic sank in 1912, and this year marks the 30th anniversary of when the great ship was found in 1985.  Bob Ballard found the ship on the night of September 1, and it was a huge relief to the team. Ballard, and his team from Woods Hole Oceanographic … Read More

Amazing Titanic Stories You Didn’t Know About

Think you know all about the Titanic? Well guess what, she has been gone for 103 years, and new stories area coming out about her all the time. In the over 100 years, more and more stories about things that happened that terrible night are being discovered and shared with the whole … Read More

Rare Titanic Deck Chair Up For Auction and Sells

On April 15, 1912, the RMS Titanic sank into the  black waters of the North Atlantic while only 705 survivors watched from tiny lifeboats. Within one hour after the Titanic went down, the RMS Carpathia showed up at the scene, and the survivors were taken on board to warm blankets, coffee, brandy, and … Read More

Titanic Mystery: What Happened to Her Lifeboats?

Almost 103 years ago, the RMS Titanic struck an iceberg at 11:40 pm that Sunday night. The impact was so mild that very few people even felt it, and the ones that did basically ignored it and went back to sleep. However, the ship was mortally wounded, and it was only … Read More

Wreck & Sinking of the Titanic – Book Review

Back in 1912, the world was a very different place. Even though it was the 12th year of the 20th century, there was still of naivety that made it still seem like the 1800s. Mankind was changing, and things like automobiles were starting to be produced, and things were beginning … Read More

Titanic Facts for Kids

Titanic Facts For Kids

Regarding things like major disasters, it can be a complex subject to deal with when it comes to kids. Adults understand the reality of the situation and the fact there may be deaths involved, but there is a point where it can be tough to tell kids about them without … Read More

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