Titanic Exhibit

RMS Titanic Inc. who has laid claim to the contents of the Titanic shipwreck and displayed them all over the world. A Titanic exhibit is a truly breathtaking, romantic, and historic experience that collectors, artists, and historians should witness. After the discovery of the Titanic shipwreck in 1985, RMS Titanic Inc. has salvaged a number of artifacts from the legendary vessel and made a Titanic exhibit noteworthy and timeless.

Travel back to 1912 and experience the maiden voyage of the largest passenger vessel of its time. See the layout, construction, and majesty that was the Titanic before it met its Atlantic grave on the night of April 14. Actual artifacts, recovered from two and one half miles below the surface of the North Atlantic, tell the story behind the legendary Titanic’s short journey from construction and destruction to eventual recovery. Walk her decks, peer into her cabins, and meet her passengers and crew.

In addition to the traveling Titanic exhibit, there are many online versions of Titanic exhibits consisting of the information you already know, the information you might not know, and brilliant pictures of Titanic artifacts and Titanic memorabilia. Catch a once in a lifetime glimpse into the life and death of one of one of the largest ships of her time.  A Titanic exhibition is a great way to educate your family and take them on an artistic voyage that they will remember for years to come.

Check out the RMS Titanic Inc. site for dates to see when the next Titanic exhibit is coming your way. April 14, 2012 is the 100th year anniversary of the historic event of the Titanic sinking, don’t miss your chance to see it forever immortalized in various Titanic Exhibits around the world.

Titanic Exhibit Orlando