Anniversary Sale of Titanic Proportions

A piece of history will be available to the highest bidder this coming April as a collection of Titanic artifacts will be sold. The auction will take place on April 11, and will consist of over 5,000 pieces picked from the downed vessel. The collection will be sold in one … Read More


COLLECTION ON THE BLOCK SEPTEMBER 15, 2011 INCLUDES THE 1674 BIRTH CERTIFICATE OF NY (EX-MALCOLM FORBES COLLECTION) TEN YEARS AFTER 9/11 POSSIBLY UNIQUE TITANIC BROADSIDE (STEAMSHIPS) Lorenz, Fred A. Titanic Memorial. Illustrated broadside, 14 x 22 inches; worn, marginal loss at corners, moderate soiling, short closed tears; unrelated manuscript cartoon … Read More

Titanic Pigeon Forge, TN: Buy Your Tickets Today for the Anniversary

If you’re searching for fun attractions near Pigeon Forge, TN, and want to honor a significant moment in history as its anniversary draws near, consider getting tickets to Titanic Pigeon Forge. The Titanic Pigeon Forge exhibit is the world’s largest Titanic museum attraction, and is the perfect Titanic exhibit for … Read More

New Titanic Pictures Released for 25th Anniversary of Discovery

It has been nearly 25 years since the discovery of the sunken Titanic at the bottom of the Atlantic. Since the rediscovery of the Titanic wreck, new pictures have been take and the goal of using acoustic imaging, sonar, and 3-D video to virtually preserve the vessel is currently underway. … Read More

Titanic 2 Set to be the Next Knockbuster of the Year

Nobody ever thought anybody would have the audacity to make a sequel to the Titanic movie. It’s pretty clear that everyone already knows how the story ends, which doesn’t leave much room for a sequel. Despite these facts, movie company Asylum just finished post-production of Titanic 2. Known for their … Read More

Visit Titanic for $40k on the RMS Titanic Dive Expedition

Ever since being built and becoming the legendary vessel that it is today, the Titanic has captivated individuals for over 100 years. Its majesty and the unique story behind the Titanic have made it one of the most popular ships of all time and a great piece of history. Now … Read More

The Oldest Surviving Titanic Member (Sort Of)

The 1997 James Cameron movie Titanic has once again been the subject of many Hollywood headlines as it was recently the birthday of actress Gloria Stuart. Stuart, who played the older version of Rose in the Titanic movie is about to celebrate her 100th birthday which makes her the oldest … Read More

Titanic 100th Anniversary Cruise Tickets

In order to commemorate the largest maritime disaster in history, Fred Olsen lines is planning on taking guests on a cruise modeled after the legendary Titanic. On April 14, 1912, the Titanic hit an iceberg during its maiden voyage and took the lives of 1,517 passengers. Now, 1oo years later, … Read More

Titanic 100 Year Anniversary Cruise to Set Sail in 2012

Nearly 100 years later, people’s fascination with the Titanic is still going strong. Just take a look at the Titanic 100th Anniversary Coin to see what I mean. To commemorate the triumph and tragedy that was the RMS Titanic, the cruise ship Balmoral, will set sail in early April of … Read More

Titanic Anniversary, the 100th Anniversary of the Titanic Sinking

April 14 2012 marks Titanic’s 100th anniversary. The sinking of the RMS Titanic is one of the largest peacetime maritime tragedies in history. Titanic Universe remembers the lives lost on that day and the historical icon that the Titanic has become to the world. We have gathered the most information … Read More