The Oldest Surviving Titanic Member (Sort Of)

The 1997 James Cameron movie Titanic has once again been the subject of many Hollywood headlines as it was recently the birthday of actress Gloria Stuart. Stuart, who played the older version of Rose in the Titanic movie is about to celebrate her 100th birthday which makes her the oldest member of the cast. The 1930s star of such movies as The Old Dark House and The Invisible Man will be honored for her accomplishments and will be the focus of one Titanic birthday party.

The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences will be hosted the event to honor the actress. Playing the fictional Titanic survivor Rose in the James Cameron film, Stuart lent her acting talent to the film producing one of the most believable depictions of Titanic survivors ever captured in Hollywood. The event took placed on July 22nd at the Academy and featured clips and onstage conversations between Stuart and legendary movie critic and movie historian Leonard Maltin. The event was a mere $5 for public admission and commemorated an accomplished actor in the world of movies.

In 1933, Stuart became the 843rd member of the Screen Actors Guild and is the sole surviving member of the era. With the James Cameron film set to be re-released in 2012 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, the accomplishments of Stuart will once again be showcased on the silver screen with the Titanic movie appearing in 3d.

With the last actual surviving member of the Titanic’s passing in March of 2009, Stuart represents what is the oldest surviving Titanic member of current day. Although it may simply be in film, the Titanic survivor was commemorated not only for her breathtaking performance in the James Cameron film, but celebrated as one of the oldest members of the Academy and boasting a career that has spanned nearly a century.