A Titanic Movie Question – Could Jack and Rose Have Survived On the Floating Wood Panel?

rose-jack-floating-panelThe Titanic movie came out in 1997 and ever since then, there ha be been fans of Jack Dawson that have been quite outraged.  Millions of teenage girls have been flooding James Cameron with emails talking about how Rose was nothing but selfish because the two of them together could have actually climbed on floating board at the end of the movie and survived.  James Cameron did not do much about these emails under the 2012 3-D version of his Titanic movie hit theaters. Was it possible that Jack and Rose together could have survived?  James Cameron went to The Mythbusters to find out for sire whether or not Rose and Jack could have had a life together after all.

James Cameron Meets the Mythbusters

mythbusters-5047b7930a515Poor James Cameron! How terribly annoying it must be for him to constantly be bombarded by fans of Titanic that truly must feel like the man committed murder. However, what people fail to realize is that whether or not Jack could get on the wood panel or not, the fact is that Rose had to be on her own in order to truly have her own life and discover who she was.  Despite the need for Jack to die, the question does remain as to whether or not Jack could have survived the night out in the middle of the North Atlantic. So, in order to find the right answers, James Cameron went to some experts, also known as the Mythbusters.

The Mythbusters, who are named Jamie and Adam, had to do a little testing before they tried the test I actual water with a large piece of wood. The first things that Adam and Jamie wanted to do was to try the test using properly weighted ad scaled models. Each little Jack and little Rose was made to scale, and using a small tank filled with salt water, the first test was conducted. Using the scale piece of white oak, the replica Rose was placed on it, and like the Titanic movie, there was some water that spilled over onto it, but it did float just fine. However, once the little Jack was added, the piece of wood kept flipping over onto its side. So far, science and the Titanic movie were running neck and neck, and so far, it looked like there was no way Jack could have sat with Rose on the wood. The tests were not over yet.

The Big Buoyancy Test To Get The Final Answer Once and For All

MythbustersTitanictestAfter much preliminary testing, it was time for Jamie and Adam to really put the theory to the test. A real size piece of wood paneling was constructed, and the two men wore special suits that would keep them nice and warm despite how bitterly cold the test area was going to be. The two men were testing at a local lake, and the water was only going to be waist high. The panel was then lowered into the water, and at first, Jamie got onto it. Like the miniature test, and the Titanic movie, the piece of floating wood panel did sit on the water nicely, but there was some sloshing onto it. Now, it was time for Adam to climb on board. The first time Adam got onto the wood panel with Jamie, it did tip up like it did in the movie, but then they were able to balance it out.  Believe it or not, the wood panel was big enough , and buoyant enough, to handle the two men, and it stayed afloat long enough for them to be rescued just like Rose was in the movie.

There are millions of Jack Dawson fans who should now feel satisfied that it has been successfully proven that the panel was big enough for both Jack and Rose. However, Jack was not willing to risk Rose ending up in the water where she would more than likely freeze, and he bravely stayed in the water, and ultimately met his death. While it is unfair that Jack died when he clearly did not have to, the fact is that James Cameron explained it best when he said that the death of Jack helped Rose become the person she was always meant to be.  Though it is sad that Jack died, the two of them were ultimately reunited in death, and would spend the rest of eternity together…