Titanic: The Shocking Truth – The Biggest Conspiracy Theory of Them All

December 15, 2013

Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory; there are conspiracy theories that exist for everything from the assassination of Abraham Lincoln to the destruction of the Twin Towers on 9/11. One of the most interesting conspiracies involves the RMS Titanic and her sister ship the RMS Olympic. Everyone knows the story of the greatest marine disaster […]

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A Titanic Controversy – Was Stanley Lord to Blame For The Entire Titanic Disaster?

December 15, 2013

When Carpathia arrived in New York City with the Titanic survivors, people were not able to rest from their ordeal because an ambitious senator named William Alden Smith decided that there were questions that had to be answered as to what happened. Who better to answer the questions that the whole world was asking than […]

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A Review of S.O.S. Titanic – The Alternative Version – “God went down with the Titanic…”

December 14, 2013

In 1979, S.O.S. Titanic was a miniseries that ran on ABC on September 23, 1979. The miniseries aired over two nights and totaled two and half hours of run time without commercials. The miniseries was cut to a total of 103 minutes, and was then released in theatres in Europe and DVD everywhere else.  In 1990, the […]

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A Review of Raise the Titanic – “God Himself they said couldn’t sink her…”

December 7, 2013

Raise the Titanic is a novel by the popular author Clive Cussler.  In 1980, the book that Cussler wrote was adapted for the big screen, and it came out five years before the real RMS Titanic was actually found on the ocean floor. While the movie featured an all-star cast including Jason Robards, Alec Guinness, […]

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Titanic: The Complete Story DVD Volume 1 Review – “She was the largest ship in the world…”

November 28, 2013

The Complete Story Volume 1 was first released in 1994 and is divided into two sections: Titanic: Death of a Dream and Titanic: The Legend Lives On. For any Titanic historian, this documentary starts at the beginning, going all the way back to when the Titanic was just an idea in the mind of J. […]

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Famous Ships that Sank Part 2: The Lusitania

July 31, 2013

The Lusitania was a passenger ship running between the US and Great Britain during and before WWI.  She was renowned for both her speed and luxury, but came to an ill fate when she was torpedoed by a German uboat in the early summer of 1915, with great loss of life.

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RMS Carpathia: The Ship That Saved 700 Titanic Survivors

June 7, 2013

Many are familiar with the RMS Titanic, a British transatlantic cruise line that struck an iceberg and sunk on its way to America. However, fewer people are aware of the story’s main hero — the RMS Carpathia. This cruise liner saved a large portion of the people who had escaped from the ship as she […]

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Titanic Band Members And Their Stories

May 19, 2013

On Wednesday, April 10, 1912, in Southampton, UK, eight musicians boarded the RMS Titanic as second-class passengers.  Their group ticket number was 250654.  They were not employees of the White Star Line but were contracted to them through a company that placed musicians on many British liners – the Liverpool firm of C.W. & F.N. […]

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Famous Ships That Sank Part 1: The Bismarck

April 27, 2013

As the first post on our series “Famous Ships that Sank”, we’re covering the famed German Battleship Bismarck.  The shipwreck was discovered by none other than Robert Ballard (who also discover the Titanic) in 1989 about 3 miles below the surface of the Atlantic.

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Wallace Hartley’s Titanic Violin Discovered

March 16, 2013

Wallace Hartley, the son of a mill worker, learned to play music as a student at the George St Wesleyan School and later played at a local chapel where his father was choirmaster. Survivors recount seeing the band playing even as water gushed on board, a scene which has been captured and recounted in most […]

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Titanic Quarter

March 2, 2013

The Titanic Quarter (TQ) in Belfast, Northern Ireland, has been labeled one of the world’s largest urban-waterfront regeneration projects.  Created on the site where the “unsinkable ship” was designed and built, TQ will eventually cover 185 acres.  A 30-year project, it combines residential, commercial, retail, educational and tourism space.  The first phase opened in March, […]

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