Titanic Song Remakes and Covers

The theme song to the 1997 Titanic movie, “My Heart Will Go On” was written by James Horner, lyrics by Will Jennings, and production was done by Walter Afanasieff. The song was recorded by Celine Dion and released on her 1997 album Let’s Talk About Love. It hit number 1 all over the world including in the U.S., U.K., and Australia.

The song was released in Australia and Germany on December 8, 1997 and hit the rest of the world on January and February of 1998. Just like the Titanic movie itself, the song become one of the best selling singles of all time and the best selling single of 1998.

Horner had originally composed the song as just instrumental and a motif that would be used in several scenes of the movie. He then wanted to make a full song out of it, something which James Cameron denied. Horner went ahead and got Jennings to write the lyrics down and chose Celine Dion as his first choice in singing the song. Dion heard the song and didn’t want to record it until her husband Rene Angelil convinced her to do a demo version.

After becoming one of the best selling singles of all time, many different covers were created in its wake. Here are some of the covers and alternate versions of “My Heart Will Go On”.

Katherine Jenkins

Paul Mautiat

Charice Rai TV

Gheorghe Zamfir

New Found Glory

Niki Evans

Vittorio Grigolo