Visitors Can Soon Visit Titanic Wreck – Part One

On September 1st, 1985, something very important happened that literally changed the world. A man named Bob Ballard, in a ship that was exploring the ocean, found a long lost ship that the world had forgotten about.  Dr. Robert Ballard found a ship that he had dreams of finding for … Read More

Titanic Actor Bill Paxton Passes Away At Age 61

Back in 1997, James Cameron came out with a movie about the sinking of the famous ship, the RMS Titanic. Cameron was first interested in the great ship, and spent a great deal of time researching her tragic history. When the script was complete, Cameron had many talented actors who could portray … Read More

First Titanic Film Came Out One Month After Sinking

The movie industry has changed a lot since the RMS Titanic went down in 1912. These days, a movie can take a month or two to film, then up to another six months of editing, sound, and special effects. However, back in 1912, movies were put out in a matter of … Read More