Titanic Turns 20 – Movie Mistakes You Never Noticed – Part Two

Back in the 1990’s, famous Hollywood director, James Cameron, had already made a name for himself working on such movies as Terminator and Aliens. However, Cameron was looking for a new project, and images of icebergs, combined with his fascination for the RMS Titanic made the choice for his next movie obvious. The … Read More

James Cameron Sued Over Titanic Movie

James Cameron is known as one of the great directors in the world. Cameron spent quite a few years in Hollywood before he hit it big with the 1997 film, Titanic, and ever since the movie came out, his career has grown exponentially with hit after hit movie. In 1997, Titanic came out, and … Read More

Titanic Survivor Letter Up for Auction

Back in 1912, when the RMS Titanic sank beneath the frigid waters of North Atlanta, the world was in a huge state of shock. The Titanic made headlines because it was considered the biggest ship in the world, and it had been dubbed unsinkable by the world press. While on its fourth day … Read More

Visitors Can Soon Visit Titanic Wreck – Part One

On September 1st, 1985, something very important happened that literally changed the world. A man named Bob Ballard, in a ship that was exploring the ocean, found a long lost ship that the world had forgotten about.  Dr. Robert Ballard found a ship that he had dreams of finding for … Read More