Titanic Historical Society, Indian Orchard, MA


Home of one of the most extensive collections of Titanic artifacts, the Titanic Historical Society, located in Indian Orchard, Massachusetts, gives visitors a comprehensive view of the life and death of the famous vessel. History comes to life as visitors are transported to a time when the artifacts tell the lives of passengers aboard the Titanic during its maiden voyage. Many of the artifacts were donated by survivors themselves to the THS founder Edward S. Kamuda during the organization’s early years.

Both passengers and crew are represented in the collection, and the items are some of the rarest and most significant to the ship’s history. In addition to viewing one of the most epic collections of artifacts, visitors will learn the stories of passengers and the history of White Star Lines. The museum comes complete with a gift shop that sells a wide array of titanic memorabilia, including original artwork, maritime history books, Titanic gifts, and handcrafted jewelry. In addition to the Titanic artifacts contained within the museum, there are also several items from the Titanic’s sister ship, the RMS Olympic.

More about the Titanic Artifacts

Many of the artifacts contained within the museum were dedicated by survivors, offering personal items and the rich stories behind them. From the original blueprints dedicated by the Harland & Wolff shipyard to personal effects, each item tells a story and cannot be found anywhere else. Many of these items have been preserved and transposed onto pieces of art that are available for purchase in the gift shop. Original sheet music and film posters are just a few examples of pieces available to commemorate the experience and enhance the drama of the Titanic’s story.

Other unique items include the original distress message sent from the Titanic’s wireless, the personal lifejacket of wealthy businessman John Jacob Astor, a drawing of the iceberg that ended the Titanic’s voyage created by lookout Fred Fleet, dinner and luncheon menus from the Titanic, several personal effects from Titanic passengers and crew, a wooden chair recovered from the wreck, 1st class passenger Milton Long’s pocket watch, a variety of letters written aboard the Titanic, a square of the first-class stateroom’s carpet, breadboard from the Titanic, Fred Fleet’s discharge book, first-class Titanic china, diary and letter signed by Titanic passenger Joseph Bruce Ismay, and countless other artifacts.

Items from The Olympic and Carpathia Vessels

In addition to the Titanic pieces contained within the historical society, there are many items from the sister ship Olympic and the Carpathia, the ship that came to the rescue during the ship’s sinking. Items from these vessels include an autographed picture of the Carpathia’s officers, a key from the dispensary cabinet on Carpathia, a lifeboat badge from the rescue ship, 1st class dinner and 2nd class tea menus, Titanic 3rd class survivor Gus Cohen’s accounts of the shipwreck written on Carpathia stationary, bronze and gold medals for the Carpathia from Molly Brown, bridge bell from the Olympic, dining chair from the Olympic, White Star Line china and silver-plate, and many more.

This wide variety of artifacts helps tell the entire story of the Titanic from start to finish. From the ideas of its creation to the rescue and aftermath of its sinking, the Titanic Historical Society brings the triumph and tragedy of the vessel to life.

Titanic Historical Society Artifact Picture Gallery (all images courtesy of the Titanic Historical Society)