Titanic Drinking Games

One of the best ways to liven up a party and ensure that blackouts will occur is to introduce a drinking game into the mix. Designed to get individuals completely hammered while creating a genuinely great story for the next morning, drinking games come in all kinds of varieties. A famous online theme for drinking games has become ones based on icons of pop culture. One of the most famous pop culture events of the film industry to this day is the 1997 James Cameron movie Titanic. Whether it is a mystery to the film or directly based on the romance epic, many free Titanic drinking games have been invented for the intoxication and enjoyment of all.

IMPORTANT: Driving or operating heavy machinery after any drinking game is bad news. Make sure you have a sober driver or another way to reach your next destination. You won’t hit an iceberg, but may find yourself in a situation as bad as those aboard the Titanic. Always enjoy Titanic drinking games responsibly.

Titanic Movie Drinking Game

The most famous Titanic drinking game, all you need to play is a satisfying amount of your drink of choice and a copy of the 1997 Titanic movie. Before starting the film online for free, decide what you will be drinking for. Some people simply pick a name (Jack for example) and drink every time the name is freely spoken. While this will undoubtedly get the drinks flowing, there are more hardcore versions of the game that incorporate many different aspects of the movie. Here is one of the most popular variations on the Titanic drinking game.

Simply watch the movie and watch for each of these listed events. Drink every time:

You hear the “my heart will go on” music.

The necklace changes hands.

Drink for every anachronism or other historical innaccuracy.

Every time Hockley subtly informs us why it’s better to be rich.

Every time somebody gets punched in the face.

Rose’s granddaughter appears onscreen.

A gun goes off.
Twice if somebody gets hit.
Three times for the guy who shoots himself.

Anybody talks about how great the Titanic is.
Twice if they use the work “unsinkable”.

Drink for every emergency flare that gets fired.

Drink when Jack’s buddy gets squashed by the smokestack. This seems to be his only purpose in the movie.

The onscreen image fades from past to present, or vice versa.

When the iceberg is onscreen.

Every time somebody does or mentions something stupid that ensures that the boat sinks with a high body count.

Every time somebody is trapped behind a locked gate.

Every time somebody is dangling from something.

Every time a big wall of water slams into somebody.

Jack or Rose goes into the water. Twice if they go all the way under.

Someone falls off the boat into the water.
Note: When this starts happening, you’re gonna drink a lot.

And finally… CHUG for the propeller guy!

Korean Titanic Drinking Game

The other version of the Titanic drinking game comes from the East. Start with a glass of beer and a bottle of saki or something similar. Place a shot glass in the glass of beer. This will represent the Titanic. Taking turns, each person pours at least a drop of saki into the shot glass. The person who pours the saki in that causes the shot glass to sink must chug (not drink) chug the concoction of beer and saki until it is hidden in the stomach. Repeat the process until you are satisfied or everyone is seeing double. This one certainly is not for the kids.