How the Sky Changed in Titanic (1997 Movie)

Worst Previews shared a video clip of a conference held that included reknown Astrophysicist Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson where the conversation digresses into the topic of “Wrong Science in Movies” and despite a thousand movies with wrong science in them, one that struck a nerve with him was the Sky in the Titanic 1997 movie.

See now that kind of story fascinates me. I wouldn’t have noticed the sky was “wrong” but perhaps an astrophysicist would. There were stars, a moon and it was dark. It was a sky. Made no difference to the rest of us and like he quotes “The movie made 1.3billion dollars. Imagine how much more it would make if the sky was accurate”.

But Dr Tyson is right. The man sponsored an expedition to the ocean floor to get all the details about the Titanic right, so why not make sure the position of the stars and moon were right in the sky shot on the day and time of the sinking.

An inconsequential moment in the post production of the film was then altered for the 10th Anniversary release just to add one more tiny shred of credibility to the accuracy of the tale (despite the artistic liberties he took with the rest of the story and people involved).