The Titanic Conspiracy Theory, Investigating the Titanic Conspiracy

Titanic Conspiracy Theory

Titanic Conspiracy Theory

This is only one part of a larger picture.  For more information, please read The Titanic Conspiracy and The James Cameron Conspiracy.

There are some who believe that the Titanic tragedy was simply a conspiracy designed to pull off one of the largest acts of insurance fraud ever committed. The sister ship of the Titanic by the name of the Olympia had sustained damage during one of its voyages and it was said that the ship was rendered completely useless. Many experts see evidence that supports this theory due to some of the inconsistencies in the Titanic sinking story.

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Small differences in the two ships have been analyzed by experts suggesting that after the Olympic had been damaged, that it was designed to look like the Titanic. Many accounts of this type of marine insurance fraud has been documented throughout the course of time. The idea of swapping ships in order to collect insurance is not a new idea, and if the story is true, this would be the largest case of marine insurance fraud ever successfully pulled off.

Investigating The Titanic Conspiracy Theory

There are many reasons to consider the possibility that the Titanic was replaced by her Sister the Olympic. Probably the most common inconsistency in the story of the sinking of the Titanic is the differing paint jobs between the two ships. The Olympic’s hull was painted white for more media friendly pictures, while her sister, the Titanic was the more commonly used black.

The wheelhouse of the Olympic was also constructed in a bow fronted fashion. However, a photograph taken from the top of the huge steel gantry specially constructed by Harland & Wolff to enable them to build the vessels shows this not necessarily to be the case. This photograph, taken immediately after the ship was launched, appears to show a straight fronted wheelhouse, exactly as it appeared on earlier drawings of the ship.

Damage to the Olympic occurred when it was inadvertently rammed by a British naval vessel by the name HMS Hawke. Both ships received major damage from the incident and it left the Olympic with a large hole in the hull and her main starboard engine out of commission. With the help of a few tugboats, the Olympic was taken back to Southhampton to assess the damage. Eyewitness reports suggest that the route of the Hawke and the Olympic intersecting may not have been an accident at all.

When White Star brought the event to court in order to claim damages for the dismembered Olympic, it was ruled that the collision was entirely the fault of the Olympic. Unable to collect money for her repairs, White Star was left with a severely damaged ship which was losing the company money by being unable to collect fares.

Damage reports had found that the outer covering of one of the propellers had been severely damaged, the crankshaft had been damaged, and the bearing within the propeller had also been bent. The central turbine engine was unusable and the impact of the Hawke’s iron ram had caused vast internal damage to the Olympic. The Titanic and Olympic had cost a fortune to build, and would require years of operation before the company would see any profit. It was absolutely necessary to get the Olympic up and running.

Harland & Wolff had no spare engine crankshaft, propeller, or propeller shaft on hand to replace those damaged items on Olympic , except ones awaiting fitment to her sister vessel, Titanic. Essentially, the Olympic was repaired with parts from the unfinished Titanic, some of which can still be seen. One of the propellers still bears the 01 from the Titanic, which was model 401. It should also be noted that the bent bearing, which was designed to last a lifetime was never commissioned to be replaced. This would have resulted in a shaky voyage, which was noted by a passenger and survivor by the name of Lawrence Beesley.

Both the Titanic and Olympic were not initially designed to have bulkheads installed, but one was put into the Olympic to repair the damage to the hull. When Dr. Robert Ballard found the wreckage of the Titanic, he found a bulkhead which was not mentioned on any of the initial plans.

A Harland & Wolff photograph of Olympic , taken when the vessel was in the Thompson Graving Dock in 1911, clearly shows her to have had a vertical joint in her hull plating immediately forward of the port side anchor hawse pipe. Photographs of Titanic , while still on the stocks and while fitting out in 1911, show that there was no similar joint in her hull plating just ahead of her port side anchor. However, In a picture of Olympic , taken during her 1912/13 refit following the Titanic disaster, shows this vessel not to have the tell-tale plating joint; proving quite conclusively that the hull pictured is that of Titanic although the name Olympic is clearly visible on both sides of the bow.

Quite possibly the most conclusive evidence that Titanic conspiracy theorists believe proves the theory is the tonnage of the ships. Many additions were made to the Titanic while attempting to model the Olympic after her. The Olympic was recorded as having a tonnage of around 45,000, while the Titanic weighed in at about 46,000. Plainly put, the addition of 1,000 lbs to the Titanic still resulted in the Titanic weighing 46,000, which doesn’t make a lot of sense. It is very plausible that the 1,000 pounds of tonnage was added to the Olympic in order to meet the weight of the Titanic.

Some other aspects support this theory such as some of the lifeboats having the name of the Olympic engraved into their gunwales and a carbon copy of a photograph of the Olympic stateroom emerging during the filming of the 1997 Titanic movie taken by a submersible.

Titanic Conspiracy Theory Evidence

  • Raymondsteeves

    this theory should be investigated further. Who would sacrifice that many lives for insurance? Perhaps the intention was to have it get damaged but not sink

  • Larryholtgeerts

    i ave heard that before,but i also ave seen stuff on t.v. to prove that aint the case. but if that is the case and they realy did get away with it.well then we may never realy know 4sure.but still what remains no matter what ship the tradidy should ave never ave happened,but then the amout  of life boats needed might ave never ave changed. hopefully nothing like to this will ever happen again ever

  • uma shankar sharma

    if this is true then.! this shows the greedy face of humans.! who for money can sacrificed the lives of innocent people.!

  • Hannh_ellis

    Yes this was the initial plan, to damage and not sink her, and for another Whit star line ship to come to her rescue and for them to be praised! 

  • Teenage Titanic Theorist

    Indeed, it could have been an insurance scam. The ‘Californian’ was there, in the middle of the Atlantic – with no freight, no cargo, no passengers, no purpose – except for 3,000 jumpers and blankets. Their intention was to fake an accident, for all passengers and crew members to be saved, AND NOT ONLY WOULD THEY GET INSURANCE, WHITE STAR LINE WOULD BE CLASSED AS ‘HEROES’. It would be a win-win situation for them….

    …only a freak accident occured while they were trying to perform a fake one!

  • MZ

    This is a bunch of garbage.  They have found #401 all over the Titanic’s wreck.  AND, the Olympic did have a rounded wheel house (inside the bridge).  Here is a photo from mid-1920s of it.

  • Justin

    There are more reasons to believe that it wasn’t switched than it was. First of all, how do you know what ship you are looking at? Odds are it was the Olympic. Someone could have easly have taken two photos of Olympic of claimed one was Titanic. In fact White Star used photos of Olympic to promote Titanic. And yes 401 was on the wreck site. And propellerers can not be changed from one ship to another. They are custom built for one ship. And how do we know that the crew “knew” something was wrong? Did anyone hear then say it?. Was it recorded? No it wasn’t. Someone is just spreading Bulling**** like they do with every infamous event.

  • Justin

    Everytime there is a tragedy people cry conspiracy. It’s getting old. The only conspiracy I believe in is JFK’s murder. And neither the Russians or Cubans were involved. It just that There were two shooters, both acting alone. I guess the second one will never be caught.

  • I am not surprised the gangsters…………..I mean banksters would try to pull off such a stunt.

    Many of the news headlines originally published that all passengers survived then quickly corrected the headlines as if they had the first set of headlines all planned out ahead of time.

    Sure newspapers get things wrong *especially if they are Liberal bias* but usually details of an article. Not an actual headline.

    Saying everybody is saved isn’t exactly a headline grabber so I don’t see why they would make an error of that!

    By the way. Why do blogs insist on using Disgus. I find it a pain in the butt

  • Jim S

    Even with all the other physical evidence presented in the theory, please explain this photo taken by Atlantic II with the crew by Dr. Ballard in 1986. This was taken 2 1/2 miles down in the North Atlantic. There had to be a switch of Name plates and other important decor.

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