How Many People Died on the Titanic?

Titanic Graves

The Titanic was carrying 2,223 passengers on board when it sank, and out of those 1,517 died. The guests were split into first, second, and third class, and the higher classes had an advantage when it came to boarding lifeboats and being closer to the top of the deck where the lifeboats were being deployed. There was also a locked gate that separated second and third class sections which inhibited the escape of many third class individuals.

As a result of all of these factors, there were as many deaths in the third class as the first and second classes put together. Most of the Titanic survivors were women, children, or members of the higher class within the Titanic.

As far as actual numbers go, 130 first class passengers died, 166 second class passengers died, and 536 third class passengers died. Most of the third class women and children died and most of the first and second class women and children lived. The highest casualty rate aboard the titanic was men. There was a strict women and children first rule when it came to boarding the lifeboats.

In the end, the Titanic sinking took the lives of 1,347 men and only 103 women. Most of the crew also died during the sinking of the Titanic. There were 899 crew members and 685 of them died during the tragedy. Children also had a high fatality rate, although there weren’t as many on board. 53 Children died which was about half the number of children on board.

The sinking of the Titanic was an event that destroyed hundreds if not thousands of families. Illustrating the consequences that can arise from ill planning and preparation, the Titanic wreck has become the largest peacetime maritime disaster in history. The loss of 1,517 lives has cemented itself in history and is something that the world has tried vigilantly not to repeat.

When it comes to the loss of life experienced on the Titanic, many investigations and research has been done to see the causes and ways that the horrible event could have been prevented. There is no way to bring back those who were lost in the Titanic disaster, but perhaps we can learn from the mistakes of the Titanic in order to avoid repeating history.

Many Titanic survivors who lived through the horrendous event have also offered their stories and descriptions of the event. Unfortunately, as of March of 2009, there are no more living Titanic survivors who can share their experiences first-hand. However, many have stepped forward throughout the years and shared their unique experiences with a variety of media outlets.

With the Titanic 100th anniversary quickly approaching, there has never been a better time to remember those lost during the sinking of the Titanic and learn of ways to prevent the event in the future.

  • Jimkelly0509

    very sad everyday i think about those who died and those who lived. those who are living today have amazing stories that as long as they live will never ever forget that very moment the Titanic sank just finished watching the movie balling my eyes out. God bless those who lived and died on that very day. some people dont relize how many people died that day and we should all except those people that gave up rafts to kids that needed it and those people right there are the ones that we should be thanking because if one of are family members were on that boat they couldve died if those people saved them so everybody on that 100th day should be thanked because they gave up their lives so everybody raise a glaa too those who died on that fery upsetting day. TO THOSE WHO DIED ON THE TITANIC!!!!!!! :(

  • Jimkelly0509

    rich kids dont take for granit what you have because you would have lived on Titanic and all the poor kids would not have there was 53 kids who died on the Titanic so like i said before dont take for granit what you have today.

  • Spymaster777

    “he is no fool to give what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose”
    - Jim Elliot

    the men on the titanic helped the women and children on that ship. the men gave their lives  to help what they cannot lose. we should honor this event

  • Gabriellejones

    hi people it is

  • Dkn3165

    I do not like that 1,517 people died 

  • I’m watching Titanic with my 10 year old and we got interested in the numbers on how many died. The movie does little justice to show the separation of the classes of those who died. This was shocking.

  • T-Stru

    its to long i hate this cant it just tell me the answer and thats it

  • Jamiebrechany

    the titanic was a sad event but i know why it happened my friends great great great great uncle worked on the shipp but he killed him self as it sunk

  • Wolfpackglory

    it is sad but happy ! happy because i was not on the ship sad because all thoes people died.

  • Wolfpackglory

    that is so sad i am sorry

  • it is so sad xx  the rich people should of got the little boat’s for the poor xx

  • Sam

     Its really sad to actually see a number of the dead. I thought there would be more third class passengers that went missing after the sinking. One of my ancestors were actually supposed to get on the Titanic but she missed it by a few minutes. If she had not missed that boat I may not be alive today.  

  • Hazel Francis

    i totaly agree with you jimkelly its shocking the signs were there ,the ship that saw the flars going up and just ignored it they could have saved so many lives its so sad

  • Carol529

    I find it so sad that they locked the poor people down stairs so they did NOT have chance to a  try to LIVE.They were only thinking about them self.It makes me so mad that they did that.Do you know how many more people  could have lived may a 100 more.But that’s what happens when you think about yourself lives get lost.RIP to those who died.

  • Yeliz yetiskin

    Why did the rich people get to go out frist?
    Why did they lock all the door down the bottom of the ship?

  • Josie Lie

    My class was watching the documentary of the Titanic, my class was surprise at how many third class passengers died.

  • Jack

    I think this a very sad event and we should always remember and pray for the ones that lost their lives.

  • Nick

    The carpathia liner arrived at 400a.m at the scene to rescue the 706 remaining passengers

  • Nick

    The rms titanic hit an iceberg at 11:40 p.m on April 14,1912. The captain(Edward John smith) sent out a distress call to the rms carpathia sea liner, which was 58 miles away . The carpathia was going approximately 21 mph at the time. At 2:20 a.m, the rms titanic sinks completely. The carpathia warned Edward that they would arrive in 4 hours, however, the ship sinks an hour and forty minutes before it arrives, with well over 1000 passengers still aboard. The captain reportedly locked himself in the wheelroom at around 2:10 a.m. He died because of the water pressure and drowning. The carpathia sea liner arrives to rescue the last of the survivors. Edwards body was never recovered

  • norge

    so sad

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