Titanic Videos

Since its sinking into the Atlantic Ocean on April 14, 1912, the Titanic remains one of the most historical ships and maritime disasters of all time. Countless numbers of discoveries and testimony has been captured on video concerning the reasons and interesting Titanic facts. To remember the 100th anniversary of the Titanic, we’ve compiled our largest selection of Titanic videos to offer insight into the causes for it’s grim fate, survivor stories, and other bizarre facts surrounding the Titanic.

These videos are the real accounts of the Titanic wreck, no effects, no Hollywood flare, just the truth about one of the most legendary vessels to ever sail the Atlantic. Many of these videos are available on Titanic dvds or other media outside of the Internet as well.

Titanic Real Footage

This video offers documentation of the current shape of the Titanic wreck. Taken by a team of divers in 2004, this is the best live feed of the Titanic shipwreck available on the web.

Titanic Wreck Photo Collection

A photo slideshow of the Titanic shipwreck comprised of the most famous pictures of the site. This video offers some of the most memorable pictures of the Titanic after it met its demise on April 14, 1912.

RMS Titanic Tribute

Some of the best photos of the Titanic both old and new. Shows photos from its construction, the Titanic interior, and the Titanic shipwreck. Sort of a visual timeline of the life of one of the most famous vessels ever to sail the Atlantic Ocean.

Titanic Live Footage

Some of the only real Titanic footage ever collected. Shows real people who were aboard the vessel, its construction, and the Titanic in all of her glory.

Titanic Wreck Footage

Footage of the Titanic, Olympic, and Carpathia

Real Titanic Footage

  • Titanic100

    Titanic was an amazing ship, can’t wait until the 100th anniversary, it’s such a shame that no survivors are here to honour it. But we will honour it for them, God rest their souls.

  • titanic april 14,1912

    it is soo sad i wish that terrible disastor never happened i mean it was a beautiful ship but you know what was stupid they said the boat was unsinkable even though they made it all out of iron but it is still a happy and sad event now this is a true historical event that happened that no one can ever forget

  • Tinykim

    I still cannot believe the most amazing ship ever made will never sail the sea agai. I will hour my great great grandfather, the captain of this ship every year, on the day and time of when he died.

  • Tianaw2001

    thats is just sad

  • Kimberley

    titantic is a good film to watch i am going to see it in 3D

  • Joannie Moore

    Titanic was a great ship ,but it was never ment to have only a few lifebotes .
    Oh so maney lives cood have been save if only .
    Things happend for a reason & God called them all home. God Blesss

  • Nilliymk

    i love titanic but the problem is i did not get to kiss rose in her lips

  • Steph Biggin

    Wow the captain was your great great grandfather?  

  • Mnmoore14

    the titanic is an amazing story and no  one will ever forget i know i will never ever ever in my whole enirie life till i die oh sorry i used the word die because you know what happen to the titanic well you should know about the titanic 

  • Kts1073

    I watched all of the videos and they were awesome!Before I watched them I loved titanic,I wrote about 5 stories,but my sister (Maddie) didn’t when I showed her them she asked me to see another one we watched all of the videos.They touched our hearts!

  • merlinfan

    it would have been such an awful experience, i feel sorry for all those people who died and all those who lost their families, the titanic will always be remembered especially by me.

  • pennstatefan

    it’s sad to think about the people

  • yo vi la pelicula en b/n aqui en españa  con pocos años y me impresiono mucho y sigo impresionandome

  • Titanic

    you should be very honored. but i am doing my history fair on this and discovered; if they sped up the ship while encountering the iceberg instead of slowing down, it would have been prevented (most likely).