Titanic Turns 20 – Kate Winslet and What the Titanic Movie Taught Her

titanic-new-movie-soundtrackFor all of those millions of people that loved the 1997 movie Titanic,  and catapulted it to the biggest movie ever for 12 straight years, 2017 celebrates the 20th anniversary of the iconic movie. In celebration of this amazing movie, that has stood the test of time, there will be a series of posts celebrating such this impressive milestone. There have been posts regarding movie mistakes, but now it is time to deal with the star of the movies themselves. While the movies of this famous movie are often in the news, this time it was star Kate Winslet that made the headlines. Winslet gave an interview regarding her role as Rose DeWitt Butaker, and the Academy Award winning actress had other interesting things to say about what starring in this movie taught her about life. 

Titanic Taught Kate Winslet A Lot

Rose-(Titanic)The world famous Boy Scouts have a motto that is taught not only to the little scouts that are in it, but for life in general. What is their famous motto? Be Prepared! A lot of people life with that philosophly, but a very young Kate Winslet, had not know about that motto. Winslet, who actually turned 21 years old while Titanic was filming, discovered very quickly that being prepared as a necessity not only while shooting a movie, but with life.

“I have to be honest. I think doing Titanic really taught me a lot about thinking ahead. When you read the script, Jack and Rose run through the flooded dining room. You have to know that’s gonna be five days of shooting, because it was five days of shooting, so it certainly helped me when I was reading this script. You just have to be very realistic about what was going to be required of us as actors.”

That is true, planning ahead is always best because people just never know what will get thrown at them whether it is filming a movie, or just living life.

Kate Winslet’s New Project Also Includes Freezing Temperatures

MountainBetweenUSposterThere were many scenes in Titanic where both Kate Winslet, and Leonardo DiCaprio, had to endure freezing cold temperatures and jumping into water that was also freezing. During the filming of Titanic, Kate Winslet was exposed to so much cold she actually developed pneumonia and nearly quit the production. Luckily, director James Cameron was able to convince her to stay, and fans of the movie are grateful she stayed and finished the film. Winslet’s new project also involves the cold, a movie that was filmed at the top of a snow covered mountain called, The Mountain Between Us.  Just how cold was it?

According to Winslet, “we were in some very extreme, very dangerous situations, but we had our safety team. We had our flasks of soup, we had our hot packs, and we got through it.”  Winslet is a very strong woman, not only did she take on freezing cold water in Titanic but in her new movie, she actually agreed to fall through thin ice.

“I like to think I’m hard-core, I’m not going to lie. It was freezing cold, the day we did the falling through the ice,  (her husband) Ned actually did come to the set. He was standing behind the camera with five blankets, seven hot water bottles, and an army of people lined up and ready to go.”

Kate Winslet Communicated with  Leonardo DiCaprio During Filming

jack and rosebowWhen some celebrities work together on a film, most of the time, they do not necessarily remain friends. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet met on the set of Titanic, and ironically, their first scene together involved Jack drawing the nude Rose. To help break the ice, a robe-clad Winslet flashed DiCaprio, which broke the tension, and the two became fast friends. When Titanic was over, the two have remained friends, and even starred in another movie together. Winslet still talks to DiCaprio, and texted him during the filming of The Mountain Between Us. Winslet sent DiCaprio pictures from the set, and his reply back to her was, “Oh, my God, you guys must be crazy.” The Mountain Between Us opens October 6th, and from what star Kate Winslet says, it will be a very memorable movie that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

There are some moments in life that teach people lessons, and even for actors and actresses, filming a movie can be a huge life lesson. 2017 marks the 20th anniversary of the amazing film, Titanic, and there will be many posts concerning the movie that spent 12 years as the biggest movie of all time.  Kate Winslet was merely 21 years old when she filmed Titanic, and she found out quickly just how looking ahead was the best way to handle not only filming the movie, but life as well.  Kate Winslet also talked to the interviewer about her new movie that comes out October 6th, called The Mountain Between Us.  Winslet talked about how she filmed a scene in which she fell through thin ice, and even showed pictures of the set to Leonardo DiCaprio, with whom she has remained close friends with.

Life can be full of surprises, but it can also teach very valuable lessons that people can keep with them for the rest of their lives. Kate Winslet learned something from Titanic, and that lesson is something she still includes in her life today.