Titanic Survivor Edward Beane

Born on November 19th in England in 1879, Edward Beane was the son of George Beane and Mary A. Cox. He moved to New York where he worked as a bricklayer and he had returned to his home town of Norwich to get married to Ethel Clarke. The ceremony took place before the Titanic would leave, and the two planned to go back to New York as a married couple. The newlyweds purchased ticket 2908 and paid £26.

The second class passengers both survived the sinking of the Titanic and were one of the only honeymooners that were not parted by the women and children first rule. Both boarded lifeboat 13 and arrived safely in New York aboard the Carpathia. He and his wife vowed never to speak publically about the experience.

The amazing story of this Titanic story is relevant because it represents a small percentage of Titanic survivors who were not separated by the disaster. Both he and his wife survived despite the women and children first rule. The fact that they were both second class passengers undoubtedly helped this to happen.

Edward Beane is buried in White Haven Memorial Park in Pittsford, Monroe County, New York. The grave is at the Northwest edge of section M on lot 367-368 facing Marsh Road.

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