Titanic Survivor Story: Mary Sloan

A name that is almost always Irish in origin, there were a few Sloans on the Titanic when it sank. After hearing about the ship that was being built in Belfast, many Irish individuals thought that they should be there for its maiden voyage. Mary Sloan was among one of … Read More

Titanic Survivors

The sinking of the Titanic was a historic event that affected thousands of life. Ever since the fateful day of April 14, 1912, lives were changed forever as many lives were lost during the sinking of the legendary vessel. These are some of the accounts as told by first class, … Read More

Titanic Survivor Story – Anna Turja Lundi’s Experience

Here is a Titanic survivors story directly from a family member: Thank you to John Rudolf, who was kind enough to share his grandmother’s story with us.  Enter John: I put this information together from interviews with my mother and my uncle. Grandma never learned English very well, and I … Read More

Titanic Survivor Ernest Frederick Allen, Crew Member

Another Titanic survivors story directly from someone who experienced the event. My name is Deidre (Dee) MacQueen and I live in Dorset, England. By chance I came across Titanic Universe, and the webmaster has invited me to share my story. My Grandfather was Ernest Frederick Allen, born in London on … Read More

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