Titanic Replica

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The idea of a Titanic replica has been a popular topic among Titanic enthusiasts for years. The idea of recreating the legendary vessel has been widely discussed and a few times even planned out. There was a point in 1998 where a Swiss-U.S. partnership planned on investing in a project to build a $500 million full sized Titanic replica. The project was scheduled to be completed on the Titanic 90th year anniversary in 2002. The Titanic replica would sail the same route from Southampton to New York this time with the proper number of lifeboats to accommodate the passengers.

Investors planned on meeting with the original constructors of the Titanic and charging $10,000 to $100,000 for tickets. Claiming that the Titanic replica would actually be unsinkable, the project managers attempted to use the knowledge gained from the tragedy in order to do it right.

Unfortunately the plan fell through and like the other dreams of building a Titanic replica, the story was buried in the annuls of history. Many Titanic enthusiasts have discussed the idea at great lengths and been hopeful that someone would be able to pull off an exact Titanic replica. Some of the basic flaws in designing a Titanic replica involves the materials that the original vessel was built with.

Problems with a Titanic Replica

The advanced technology used to build the Titanic in 1912 is simply obsolete in current times. The coal burning boilers would simply not pass environmental regulations and the engines which propelled the Titanic have been completely phased out by modern technology. Individuals required to do all of the tedious work involved with stoking the engines would be difficult to find in this day and age, not to mention the expertise needed in order to carry out the task. Further labor constraints come into play when the discussion of riveting comes up. The practice is simply something that is not used, and at the time took a great deal of skill. Companies would be hard pressed to find skilled riveters anywhere but in a graveyard.

In order to build an exact Titanic replica with the intention of sailing, one would need a zillion dollars in order to pay for the environmental fines involved with dumping their sewage directly overboard. The lack of waste management facilities that were optional or too technologically advanced in 1912 are necessity nowadays.

Another major flaw in creating a Titanic replica is the comfort of the passengers. In this day and age finding a stateroom without a private bathroom is almost impossible and would not fly with modern passengers-especially if they were to pay upwards of $10,000 for a ticket. There would also be no air conditioning anywhere on the boat.

There have been arguments and hopes that a Titanic replica could be built and never set sail, but the custom work involved with this would cost a fortune and help in some of the archaic methods used to build the Titanic would be hard to find. Even if someone could build an exact replica of the Titanic, the vessel would absolutely not be able to sail the Atlantic and still might not pass environmental standards to be anchored offshore.

Folks will just have to settle for a smaller Titanic replica scaled down which will never set sail.

Titanic Replica