Titanic Poster

With so much rich history surrounding the Titanic, it’s no surprise that there is a wide variety of Titanic posters avaialble illustrating many facets of the legendary vessel. The most popular Titanic poster is the movie poster from the 1997 Oscar winning film directed by James cameron. Senn all over the world and hailed as one of the most brilliantly designed movie posters, the Titanic poster from the movie has become a legendary image in the movie world. Other vintage posters of the Titanic have been created including blown up versions of newspaper articles covering the maiden voyage as well as the disaster.

Titanic Movie Poster

The 1997 movie had its own turmoil with budget issues. At the end of the day, Titanic became the most expensive movie of all time, costing $285 million to make. Sparing no expense on the film, the Titanic movie poster is no exception. Stars of the film Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet appear on every Titanic movie poster, most of which have a romantic theme. Real and ficitional characters blend beautifully in the film and the movie has gone down in history as one of the best romantic tales of a generation. The Titanic movie posters have also been hailed as a memorable piece of movie history.

Titanic Poster Designs

A wide variety of Titanic poster designs are also avaiaible from a number of vendors and websites. Some of the most popular Titanic posters are the beautiful paintings of the vessel done by various artists both before and after the tragedy. Here is a collection of Titanic movie posters and other Titanic posters created to remember the historic vessel.