Titanic Pictures

Artists and photographers couldn’t help but be attracted to the majesty and technological wonder that was the RMS Titanic. From Titanic construction to the Titanic tragedy on its maiden voyage in 1912, Titanic pictures have always been the epitome of capturing a technological masterpiece as well as one of the most tragic maritime disasters in history. See the progression of Titanic photos and the decline from epitome of engineering grace to the tragic, dilapidated, corroded husk of a vessel lying on the ocean floor. Titanic artifacts, shots of where the iceberg struck the vessel, resulting in the loss of 1,517 lives and to this day remains one of the most historical tragedies ever occurring. Also check out the Titanic wreck pictures.

  • Rsimmons4

    My Titanic Story (briefly told)
    I am approaching my 67th birthday and was placed for adoption virtually at birth.
    The couple who adopted me, and provided a wonderful, loving home literally changed my life and, therefore, the lives of all I’ve known.  My adopted Mother was born in Liverpool. Her father had come to America to make his way and then send for his wife, son, and two daughters…one of which was later to adopt me.  My future Mother was a small child at the time.  This group of travellers were of meager means.  They booked passage on the Titanic and because they were “poor” would be travelling in steerage.
    Shortly before the voyage, someone in the party became ill (briefly) and they had to rebook onto the next ship.
    Had they not, I have little doubt that my future adoptive Mother would have perished……..and therefore……would not have adopted me decades later.  I thank God for what I feel was the greatest blessing of my life.

  • Charmedwitch3

    Really?This is amazing! Im so glad they weren’t on the Titanic!Your story amazes me,I bet she(your mom) had some stories to tell over the years of her and the familys’ near tragedy….Thank God they never made that journey…

  • Abbypetrey

    Wow! I love all of the detail you put in the pictures. Titanic is very interesting, looking  into the past and seeing what it would be like to be someone actually riding in the Titanic! I think the people that made up the name, “The ship that NEVER sinks” are just crazy, they can’t really find out if the ship sinks or not, they’ve never tested it yet. When I watched the movie Titanic, it was really cool watching what really happened. Half of the time I was freaked out going, “I can’t watch this, but the other half , I was alright. Again, keep up the good work with Titanic! 

  • Lisahaining

    This website is fantastic. It is full of great information about the Titanic. My daughter is doing this as her school project and this site has been very informative.

  • Larryholtgeerts

    I also believe IF noone would ave said even GOD cant sink it,mean now u said it now ill sink it,i take that as a dare i hear GOD saying. that is like the tower of babble.God put a stop to that,thats how i view the titanic as a dare and that GOD WAS UNABLE to sink it. GOD said ok. ave it ur way ,ill show u who can sink it.then broke it in two so noone could bring it back from the deep

  • Omarelsoudani

    realy?realy? o/ i’m afraid

  • Kksavage1106

    Just only if they had more life-boats!!!NO ONE would have died so harshly.

  • Uma shankar sharma

    they were over confident that ship can never sink.! so they kept life boats jst for formality.!

  • Dianelinsley

    After all these year’s heart wrenching.Haunting the cruel sea’s..

  • Juncci Arceta

     I smiled after reading your Titanic story. :)

  • Diivine

    ithink that they couldve at least had enough boat to survive threw the danger

  • Anthony

    A fantastic poem by john armstrong is worth a listen to
    http://www.titanicpoem.com AMAZING

  • Aguileramaira

    im sorry what happen of the titanic is so sad

  • Dayshawhite14

    when i grow older i am going to reach thiz

  • drayton

    i love the titanic. im getting a modle of it for my birthday

  • titanic diasaster

    good story! My dad is the aurthor of the book

  • Bburton

    i wanna say that titanic wa sthe longest movie and fantasic movie i have ever seen thts all i have tob say about that movie. bookie bokkie out

  • Annjones29436

    They actually kept more lifeboats than were required by law. It can sometimes take a disaster of this magnatude to get the laws changed.

  • unbelievable collection

  • What I find ironic is that there WAS a disaster of this very magnitude on June 15, 1904 in New York City. The boat was the General Slocum.  1,342 people perished in a fire that started on the boat, most of them were women and children on a church picnic.  Their lifejackets were made of rotting cork, and when they hit the water they filled with water and sunk, with the person wearing them. The lifeboats on the Slocum were painted over, and were unable to launch at all.  And even though people STILL love to think they are safe on a cruise liner, history has proven different on several occasions.  Just recently with the Costa Concordia disaster….people can do “drills” all they want, but if you have an incompetent crew  you are just as at risk as the people on the Titanic.  

  • After 100 years the DAMN boat sank get over it!
    Joe R

  • Kingjohn

    A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to go see a Titanic exhibit here in the Los Angeles area.There were many items to see but the one that caught my eye the most was the ship’s compass. Standing in front of that looking at the cracked glass still filled with water was amazing. To think that this was the navigation system they were using on that historic night. The other items such as, clothes, luggage, dishes and even bottles of chanpagne still with the cork intact was incredibly eerie. At the end of the exhibit was a huge section of the hull of the ship. The section must have been ripped from the sinking ship as it made its decent to the ocean floor. The edges of the steel were ripped apart like a tin can showing the incredible amount of force the ship went through. 100 years ago she went down and we still are amazed on how this all happened. The only silver lining to this incredibly dark cloud is that so much was learned about the safety required for these large ships that we hopefully will never see this type of large scale maritime disaster again.  

  • Daverichmond50

    half the pictures of the “Titanic” in the ship yard and just after launch are actually pictures of the Olympia.  How do I know this?  take a look at the top row of windows.  On the Titanic, the LARGE windows only extend half way of the A deck from the stern to the bow, where as the on the Olympia, the LARGE windows went the complete length of the A Deck (from Bow to Stern)….

  • Nico

    Actully they had less life boats the reason was because the other life boats were abstruckting people’s views.

  • vi kelz

    that’s really touchy… god bless those who lost their life… RIP..
    i just feel like crying

  • kaylin and kendall

    it would be nice if we could actually be on titanic in 1912 but there buliding another one in china! LOL!
    me and kaylin want to go on the titanic in china but we will probally be watching it on TV cause we do not have enough money.we both love the movie titanic because the two people who are in love
    and also theres another movie called titanic2 jack is back trust me you do not wanna see it its scary and sad at the same time. our other faviorite thing about titanic is how it has alot of history in it. me and kaylin love history alot it is our favorite subject in school.the worst thing about titanic the movie is that it has bad words.WE LOVE HISTORY AND TITANIC

  • pihu kumari

    awsome movie this is my one of the best movie

  • hora

    Yes is amazing history, I am now 65, I was born so far from a titanic, but I remember was to young and a history doing thing and dream how a lot of peoples was die for a mistake of one person only. In my opinion a Captain was full guilty, if he was have experience and responsability never that was happening. Man, woman children die in a cold wather, shit Captain, many times I remember and became to sad. Poor souls and can imaginate go down with a ship and die there? Some peoples in that word are much worse who Evil.