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With the 100 year anniversary upon us, the RMS Titanic Universe Gift Shop carries some of the most sought after items you won’t find anywhere else on the web. Our selection of Titanic gifts is ideal for a collector as well as anyone who is captivated by the story of the RMS Titanic.

RMS Titanic Commemorative Coal Coin

RMS Titanic 100th Anniversary Limited Edition Commemorative Coin

Contains authentic Coal recovered from the Titanic. Will immediately achieve “collector” status. Each coin comes with a Coal “Certificate of Authenticity” from RMS Titanic, Inc. and its own registration number. More info and images of the Titanic Anniversary Coal Coin.

Sale Price: $49.99

USA + $7 Shipping

Worldwide + $17 Shipping

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RMS Titanic Historic Newspaper Compilation from 1912

NY Times Newspaper Articles Compilation from 1912

A re-printed collection of historic articles published in the New York Times in 1912 covering the RMS Titanic. More Info about NY Times Newspaper Articles.
Sale Price: $15.99

USA + $10 Shipping
No international shipping available on this item.

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Music Aboard The Titanic CD

Music Aboard The Titanic Music Cd

This nostalgic and incomparable Titanic cd contains classical and ragtime music from the actual songbooks used by the White Star Line, the shipping company that owned the RMS Titanic and includes what is commonly referred to as the Titanic sinking music, or Nearer My God To Thee, which is the last known song the band played before the Titanic sank. More info on this Titanic Music Cd

Sale Price: $14.99
USA – $4.00
Canada – $6.50
Worldwide – $9.00

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Framed Titanic Coal Memorabilia

Framed Titanic Memorabilia – Coal

Includes an actual piece of coal from aboard the Titanic as well as a reprinted NY Times page covering the Titanic disaster.

$199 (Incudes shipping and handling within continental US; this item is not shipped internationally.)

Framed Titanic Memorabilia - Macronigram

Framed Titanic Memorabilia – Macronigram

Includes a replica of a rare original wireless message sent at sea from The Parisan to The Olympic (sister ship of Titanic) as well as a reprinted NY Times page covering the Titanic tragedy.

$149 (Incudes shipping and handling within continental US; this item is not shipped internationally.)

Handcrafted Titanic Model Ships

Titanic ship model 14
Titanic 14″ Model
Sale Price: $49.99
Titanic ship model 20
Titanic 20″ Model
Sale Price: $179.99 $149.99
Titanic Limited ship model 32
Titanic 32″ Limited Model
Sale Price: $279.99 $229.99
Titanic ship model 40
Titanic 40″ Model
Sale Price: $399.99 $329.99
Titanic Limited ship model 40
Titanic 40″ Limited Model
Sale Price: $699.99 $449.99
Titanic with Lights ship model 40
Titanic 40″ Model with Lights
Sale Price: $799.99 $499.99

RMS Titanic Gift Shop

Titanic gifts are the perfect way to remember the historical significance of the Titanic. Now that the 100 Year Anniversary is upon us, it’s a perfect time to commemorate the disaster and celebrate life. At the Titanic Universe gift shop, we offer the very finest in Titanic collector’s items as well as handsome novelty items on sale.

A modern marvel of her time, the Titanic was the largest passenger ship when it sent sail in 1912 and met its ghastly and famous demise. Striking an iceberg in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, the Titanic sinking took the lives of 1,517 individuals. Many titanic gifts have been created in memory of those lost at sea as well as the technological ingenuity that was involved with the creation of the Titanic. With a wide variety of Titanic gifts in all shapes and sizes which you can buy for friends, family and loved ones, everyone in the family can learn about the rich history of the Titanic.

Many museums or other establishments that commemorate the Titanic have shops that offer replica pens, boarding passes, newspaper headlines, and many other Titanic gifts that help enhance the historical experience. From stuffed animals to replica Heart of the Ocean gems from the Titanic Movie, Titanic gifts are fun for all ages. Some sites even have the option of personalized Titanic gifts for someone special on your list.

Titanic Gifts