Titanic Resources and Information

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Titanic and the “Mystery Ship” (“Nefarious” Dave Billnitzer) – Dave is one of my favorite contributors: eloquent and witty. His site contains a wealth of information about the Captain Lord/Californian controversy and is highly recommended for Titanic researchers as well as enthusiasts.

George Behe’s Titanic Tidbits – Great information such as How the Titanic Became ‘Unsinkable’,  The Music of the Titanic’s Band, The Man Who Dressed as a Woman, The Californian: A Manufactured Mystery, The Californian: The Harrison Correspondence, The Californian: Questions and Answers, Psychic Forewarnings of a Tragedy, Books of Interest to Titanic Researchers, First Officer Murdoch and the ‘Dalbeattie Defense’, The Two Deaths of John Jacob Astor, The Fate of Jack Phillips, “She Shut Out Her Lights, My Lord.”, The Officer Who Shot Himself – An Alternate Solution, Iceberg Visibility: Yes and No. . .

Encyclopedia Titanica – Encyclopedia Titanica is widely considered to be the most authoritative and popular site on the Internet for passenger information. It includes my grandmpther’s story, researched from various sources, in the Third Class Passengers list, as well as links to many other Titanic sites.

Great Lakes Titanic Society – An informational association of Titanic enthusiasts started in the Great Lakes region.

The Titanic-Nautical Resource Center – Good source of information about the RMS Titanic.

3D Titanic Home Page – David Clarke is a wonderful 3D graphic artist and has created some beautifully rendered 3D graphics of the Titanic.

Titanic-Titanic.com – Andrew Clarkson’s intriguing and  interesting website also includes an active Titanic forum.

Titanic: The Ship Magnificent – Will reveal The Titanic as you’ve never seen before.  These books are great reads.

Titanic Facts – a new site outlining the life and loss of the Titanic in numbers. Titanic Facts is a quick reference to fascinating information on the ship, her passengers and crew, the disaster and it’s victims and survivors.

Titanic Aftermath – A play in three acts by Michael Wehrli. “…the most accurate artistic portrayal of the Titanic tragedy.”–Muffet Laurie Brown, Great granddaughter of Molly Brown.

John’s Titanic Survivor Page – Great story of John’s grandmother, Anna Sophia Turja Lindi, a Titanic survivor.

RMS Titanic Memorial Site – Dedicated to all of those who perished that fateful morning of April 15, 1912.

Gigantic Concepts – Titanic dreams (Louis Epstein) – To Build a New Titanic? His assessment of what’s going on.

Titanic Stories – Learn more about visiting Titanic’s home, about the ship’s links to the island of Ireland, and about its fate and that of its passengers.

Simon’s Titanic Page (Simon Fleming)

R.M.S. Titanic Reading Room – Bibliography, Bookstore, Bookswap and Online Print Resources

R.M.S. TITANIC (Jean Carlos Hennrichs, Brasil)

Ocean Planet:How Deep Can they Go? – The RMS Titanic – from NASA

How an ‘Unsinkable’ Marketing Campaign Led the Titanic to Disaster – An exceptional post posing some interesting questions about the marketing campaign by White Star for Titanic.

Arron’s Titanic Page (Arron Lapointe)

Titanic Artwork of Ken Marschall – Must see paintings of the Titanic!

Titanic Research & Modeling Association

Titanic: The Unsinkable Ship and Halifax

Marconigraph.com -Covers the Titanic, Britanninc, Olympic, and Lusitania

Bill Wormstedt’s Titanic Site – Bill has written some great articles about the Titanic and has also contributed to Encyclopedia Titanica.

The Titanic Inquiry Project – Rob Ottmer’s Titanic Inquiry Site

Titanic News Channel – Mark Taylor’s site which covers Titanic News.

Titanicology – Sam Halpern’s port-of-call for those interested in some original Titanic research and analytical work.

Phil’s Titanic Page – Phil Ottewell’s site dedicated to R.M.S. Titanic.

Mark Chirnside’s Titanic Site – An extraordinarily researched and highly recommended website pertaining to the Titanic, Olympic, and Britannic.

Roy Mengot’s The Wreck of the Titanic Site – Excellent source of information on the Titanic shipwreck.

Titanic: Built in Belfast – Some valuable information on the Construction of the Titanic and much more.

Titanic Momentos -Titanic and White Star Line enthusiasts with some great products and information.

Titanic Art by Stuart Williamson – Beautiful Titanic artwork from British artist Stuart Williamson.

All Things Titanic – The Titanic website of Wolfgang Abratis.

The RMS Titanic Radio Page – Specializing in radio aspects of the Titanic disaster.

Marconi Calling: An Index of Titanic Messages – Original Macronigrams which were sent before, during, and after the time of the tragic sinking of the Titanic.

All At Sea with Dave Gittins – Some original and thought-provoking thoughts on the Titanic disaster. Author of the e-book Titanic: Monument and Warning.

The Smoking Gun’s Titanic Files – Historic documents culled from the national archives of England and the U.S. provide a unique view of the tragedy.  Documents ranging from the chilling SOS messages sent by the crippled ship to a detailed inventory lost by one wealthy passenger.  Most of these papers surfaced during government inquiries.

International Titanic Societies

British Titanic Society – Provides opportunities for those interested in the history of the Titanic to further their knowledge by sharing with fellow enthusiasts.

Belfast Titanic Society – Membership society located in Northern Ireland in the ship building capital of the world.

Canadian Titanic Society – Federally incorporated non-profit historical society founded by Norm Lewis, Larry Robinson, and Lynn Jaques.

The Irish Titanic Historical Society -founded in Dublin in 1988, The Irish Titanic Historical Society now boasts in international membership of about 200.

Skandinavian Titanic Society – a great community of Titanic enthusiasts and there is a second for those who speak English.

Museums & Newspapers
Smithsonian – The Titanic – from the Smithsonian Institution

R.M.S. Titanic Survivors Describe Awful Scene – from the San Francisco Museum

The Marine Museum at Fall River – Boasts the world’s largest Titanic exhibit, highlighted by the 28 foot detailed model created by 20th Century Fox Studios for the 1953 movie Titanic, which starred Barbara Stanwyck and Clifton Webb.

The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

16 USC Sec. 450rr (01/24/94)- R.M.S. Titanic; international maritime memorial; findings and purposes.

NTART-Titanic3D – Designer of Tridimentional Models of the Titanic.

Commercial Sites
TitanicCutlery.com – Arthur Price of England recreation of the Panel Reed Cutlery used for maiden voyage of Titanic in 1912. Each knife features the famous White Star Line logo on its blade, as originally supplied.

Titanic: The Experience – The World’s First Permanent Titanic Attraction in Orlando, FL.

RMS Titanic, Inc. – This organization retrieves artifacts from the wreck site and puts them on display.

Down Memory Lane – Ship memorabilia: books, model kits, prints, postcards

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NOVA Online/Titanic’s Lost Sister

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