Titanic Sinking

What Year Did the Titanic Sink?

Built to be the largest passenger vessel in the world and the most luxurious, the Titanic was a marvel of modern engineering. The vessel was fitted with five watertight rooms below the deck designed to keep the Titanic afloat even after the collision. Many individuals boarded the Titanic before its … Read More

The Amazing Story of Titanic Survivor Charles Joughin

One of the most famous Titanic survivor stories is that of Charles Joughin. The man who somehow drank his way through the Titanic disaster and lived to tell the tale. Here is an account of this Titanic survivor and his bizarre story that some still find hard to swallow. Like … Read More

Titanic 2 Set to be the Next Knockbuster of the Year

Nobody ever thought anybody would have the audacity to make a sequel to the Titanic movie. It’s pretty clear that everyone already knows how the story ends, which doesn’t leave much room for a sequel. Despite these facts, movie company Asylum just finished post-production of Titanic 2. Known for their … Read More

Visit Titanic for $40k on the RMS Titanic Dive Expedition

Ever since being built and becoming the legendary vessel that it is today, the Titanic has captivated individuals for over 100 years. Its majesty and the unique story behind the Titanic have made it one of the most popular ships of all time and a great piece of history. Now … Read More

New Titanic Expedition to Create a 3D Map

Next month, a team of scientists will launch an expedition to the sunken Titanic. The goal will be to assess the condition of the vessel and to create a three-dimensional map in order for the public to better understand the layout of the ship. This 3d map will virtually recreate … Read More

When Did the Titanic Sink?

The Titanic was a modern marvel of engineering for its time. The massive cruise liner was built with all the amenities of a luxury ocean liner. The vessel was built in just over two years. Run by the White Star ocean liner and constructed by the Harland Wolff shipyard in … Read More

The Oldest Surviving Titanic Member (Sort Of)

The 1997 James Cameron movie Titanic has once again been the subject of many Hollywood headlines as it was recently the birthday of actress Gloria Stuart. Stuart, who played the older version of Rose in the Titanic movie is about to celebrate her 100th birthday which makes her the oldest … Read More

Titanic 3d May be on the Horizon

After the success of 3d sensation Avatar, James Cameron may be thinking of releasing his movie masterpiece Titanic in theaters once again. The Titanic movie would be a 3d version of the previously highest grossing movie of all time before avatar and just in time for the 100th anniversary of … Read More