Titanic Cracker Goes Up for Auction and Sells

When the RMS Titanic sailed in 1912, the ship carried enough provisions for the 2200 people to be onboard the ship for a period of up to seven days. The cargo list for the ship was quite impressive, and only the best foods and drinks were available to accommodate the gourmet … Read More

RMS Carpathia: The Ship That Saved 700 Titanic Survivors

Many are familiar with the RMS Titanic, a British transatlantic cruise line that struck an iceberg and sunk on its way to America. However, fewer people are aware of the story’s main hero — the RMS Carpathia. This cruise liner saved a large portion of the people who had escaped … Read More

Where did the Titanic Sink?

The sinking of the Titanic is a historical event full of facts and shrouded in a great deal of mystery. Many tell of captain Smith receiving an iceberg warning before tragedy struck and some even believe that if the ship had met the berg head on it could have avoided … Read More

The Titanic Vs. The Costa Concordia Disaster

Jan 13 marked the sinking of a vessel named the Costa Concordia, and comparisons between it and the sinking of the Titanic have been widely publicized. The Costa Concordia sank just recently with the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic on the near horizon, and people from around … Read More

Latest Titanic Expeditions to Create Long-Term Management Plan

Many scientists, including Dr. Robert Ballard, the man who discovered the Titanic in 1985 believe that in order to preserve the nature of the ship, that something must be done. With the rate that bacteria is eating away at the ship and the damage that salvages and tourist trips have … Read More

Titanic: The Unsinkable Ship

Unsinkable Titanic A modern marvel of construction, the Titanic was the largest and most luxurious passenger vessel of its time. Thought to be unsinkable, the Titanic was equipped with eight watertight compartments on the boat’s hull that would close if water entered them allowing the Titanic to stay afloat. The … Read More

The Titanic’s Sunken Sister

Most individuals are familiar with the story of the Titanic, but not as many know that she had a little sister known as the Britannic. Built before the Titanic, the Britannic had all of the elements of its big sister, but in a smaller scale. Also designed to be a … Read More

Weak Rivets Might Have Caused the Titanic to Sink

Recent in-depth research into the sinking of the Titanic has discovered that faulty rivets may have been the main cause for the ship’s demise. It has been found out that builders of the Titanic were incredibly short on rivets and skilled riveters and had to ultimately settle for faulty materials … Read More