Titanic Facts That Will Blow You Away- Part One

Titanic shipThe RMS Titanic struck an iceberg, and sank to the bottom of the North Atlantic, on the night of April 14, 1912. Even though she has been gone for 103 years, there are still news stories that are coning out about the great ship every single day.  Despite the amount of time that has passed since Titanic went down, there is still more information coming out about that horrific night, and the over 1500 people that died that tragic night.  For those that are not familiar with the Titanic’s story, and tragic end, here are 5 facts that will shock you about the world’s most luxurious ocean liner that sank over 100 years ago.

1. The family members of the band were sent a bill for their uniforms

Titanic_BandBad enough that the members of the band all died, but they were sent a bill for the uniforms! Not only did they lose a member of their family, but they also had to pay for the very last clothing that these brave men ever wore.

2. Many of the passengers refused to enter the lifeboats

Lifeboats2When the Titanic first began to sink, many of the passengers were unaware of the sinking, and there were no obvious signs that the ship was actually going down. However, as the night went on, the ship began to have a terrible list toward the bow of the ship, but even at that point, when it was obvious the ship was sinking, people refused to go into the lifeboats. Right up until the end, the passengers firmly believed that the ship had a hidden safety feature that would prevent it from going down.

3. The baker survived due to being intoxicated

150px-Charles_JoughinWho knew that drinking heavily could be one way to survive a major disaster? Chief Baker Charles John Joughin, who was in his bunk at the time, went up on deck and began helping the officers fill the lifeboats with women and children. When asked to take charge of a lifeboat, Joughin refused because he wanted to continue to help get women and children to safety. In between all his heroic deeds, the baker indulged in drinking, and he was the very last man to hit the water when Titanic finally went under. Joughin was floating around in the water for two hours, and remained in the water for a total of six, before the Carpathia showed up and took everyone out of the water. Though technically, alcohol should make the effects of hypothermia worse, that was not the case with Joughin.

4. The first Titanic victims were the 5 men in the post office

Post_office_mail_roomMany people may not be aware of the fact that the Titanic had a post office. Located on the starboard side of the ship, when the Titanic struck the iceberg, it was the first location that got flooded. There were five men working in the mailroom, and these brave men lost their lives trying very hard to pull heavy sacks of mail out of the rising water, and up onto the boat deck so they could be delivered. Such dedicated men that tragically gave their lives in the devotion of their duties!

5. One Japanese passenger was disgraced after the Titanic disaster

Masabumi_Hosono.jpegThere was one Japanese passenger on board named Masabumi Hosono.  When the ship started to sink, he entered a lifeboat when he saw that there was one empty seat. However, once Hosono returned home, he was not welcomed home with open arms. In Japan, it was considered cowardly for a man to survive the sinking of ship, and it cost Hosono his job, and he was ostracized by Japanese society. In recent years, the story of Masabumi Hosono turned out to not be true for the most part. Though Hosono did lose his job, he was quickly rehired becuase he was way too value an employee, and worked until his death.  In 2007, an investigation proved that Hosono was not treated as badly as reported by the press, though his family did feel shame over it until the 1997 James Cameron movie was released, and honor was finally restored to both Hosono and his family.

This article is only part one, there are 10 more Titanic mind blowing facts that will be published in two more articles, so stay tuned to the Titanic Universe website to read more amazing facts!


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