Surprising Facts About the Titanic – Part Two

titanicWhenever something tragic happens, the first thing that everyone wants to know is what happened. Even in this day and age, when tragedies happen more frequently, but more often or not, people still have a lot of questions and want answers.  Back in 1912 when the RMS Titanic struck an iceberg, sank, and over 1500 people died, everyone wanted to know all they could about such an unimaginable tragedy. Even while the 705 Titanic survivors were traveling home on the Carpathia, the telegrams were flooding the small ship, and many of them were ignored due to the fact survivors were trying to contact family members.  People were so desperate for any news, they crowded the White Star Line office in New York City, and from there, the office would post big billboards with what little information they could get.  Now even after a century, new information is constantly being discovered. Here are more facts about the RMS Titanic, which also includes the tragic night it sank.

Captain Smith Inspected The Titanic Daily

Captain Edward J Smith was the highest paid captain in the world.  Smith had such a high reputation that he was nicknamed, “The Millionaire’s Captain,” and many passengers were so impressed by him that they refused to travel with anyone else but him.  People just preferred Smith, and the way he handled his ships, and one thing that was his custom was to inspect the ship every day.   On Saturday the 13th, Smith was told that the fire that had been burning  coal bunker number 5 had finally been put out. The fire had been burning for two weeks, and was even burning while the Titanic was preparing to sail. After being told the fire was gone, Captain Smith, and his officers, went to give the big ship her daily inspection at 10 am. Smith was concerned about the safety of the Titanic, and inspected to ensure that the ship was up to the highest possible standards of both comfort and safety.  Little did Smith know that his inspection of the Titanic on Sunday morning, April 14th, would be the last inspection of any ship he would ever make.

Fireman Thomas Hart Did Not Die On the Titanic

thomashart Back in 1912, records were not kept like they are today. There was no such things as computers, and records were kept on paper. When a young man named Thomas Hart was in Southampton, to report to work on the Titanic, records show that he checked in and was actually lost in the disaster.  When the RMS Carpathia made it back to New York, the mother of Thomas Hart was notified that her son had been lost in the disaster.  There was no way for the officers on Titanic to verify who was who, and the only source of identification were papers that each crew member carried, and these papers did not have pictures, like modern identification cards have. Thomas Hart was supposedly on board, and working down below in the engine room. However, this was not the case, and Mrs. Hart got the shock of her life when her son, Thomas, walked through her dor on May 8th. Mrs. Hart was so shocked to see her son, the poor woman fell to the floor in a dead faint.  Once Mrs. Hart regained consciousness, Thomas explained to his mother that while waiting to board the Titanic, the young man was in a local pub. While enjoying a beverage, someone helped themselves to Hart’s papers, and used them to board the shop and take his place. Hart was simply too embarrassed to return home, but he eventually did. Just who was it that took the young man’s papers, and died on the ship? No one knows who it really was, and to this day, the thief, and obvious impostor, has never been identified.

Facts about any kind of disaster are always interesting, and it is little tidbits of information that people want to know. In 1912, when the RMS Titanic went down with over 1500 people on board, the news was such a shock that people wanted to know all they can. The RMS Carpathia had the survivors, which was only 705 people, and their stories would be a fascination not only to the people in 1912, but is still a fascination to people today.  These are just a few of the facts about the Titanic, from her building to the night she sank, and more information will continue to surface as time goes on.

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