The Titanic’s Sunken Sister

Most individuals are familiar with the story of the Titanic, but not as many know that she had a little sister known as the Britannic. Built before the Titanic, the Britannic had all of the elements of its big sister, but in a smaller scale. Also designed to be a … Read More

Titanic Survivor Story: Mary Sloan

A name almost always Irish in origin, there were a few Sloans on the Titanic when it sank. After hearing about the ship built in Belfast, many Irish individuals thought it should be there for its maiden voyage. Mary Sloan was among the passengers of the Titanic A native of … Read More

Weak Rivets Might Have Caused the Titanic to Sink

Recent in-depth research into the sinking of the Titanic has discovered that faulty rivets may have been the main cause for the ship’s demise. It has been found out that builders of the Titanic were incredibly short on rivets and skilled riveters and had to ultimately settle for faulty materials … Read More

Titanic Quotes and Sayings

As with any disaster in history, many quotes and sayings have been documented over the years. Whether it is an unconfirmed statement from someone of the time period, or a quote from one of the individuals involved in the voyage, Titanic quotes and sayings capture the majesty of the Titanic … Read More

Titanic Poems and Songs

Ever since the Titanic tragedy, many forms of art have spoke of the Titanic disaster commemorating the majesty of the vessel and remembering those lost on the night of April 14, 1912. Capturing the emotion of the event and illustrating the somber nature of the topic, Titanic songs and poems … Read More

Titanic Survivor Story – Anna Turja Lundi’s Experience

Here is a Titanic survivors story directly from a family member: Thank you to John Rudolf, who was kind enough to share his grandmother’s story with us.  Enter John: I put this information together from interviews with my mother and my uncle. Grandma never learned English very well, and I … Read More

Top 4 Funniest Titanic Images

After the commercial success of the movie Titanic, directed by James Cameron, there have been many different individuals attempting to recreate the craze of the movie or to simply mock its success in a light-hearted way. From the riveting release of Titanic 2, to the romance of now old  Titanic … Read More

Titanic 100th Anniversary Cruise Tickets

In order to commemorate the largest maritime disaster in history, Fred Olsen lines is planning on taking guests on a cruise modeled after the legendary Titanic. On April 14, 1912, the Titanic hit an iceberg during its maiden voyage and took the lives of 1,517 passengers. Now, 1oo years later, … Read More

Titanic Survivor Ernest Frederick Allen, Crew Member

Another Titanic survivors story directly from someone who experienced the event. My name is Deidre (Dee) MacQueen and I live in Dorset, England. By chance I came across Titanic Universe, and the webmaster has invited me to share my story. My Grandfather was Ernest Frederick Allen, born in London on … Read More


Note: this copy of the James Cameron Conspiracy Theory contains never before seen information that wasn’t in the previous online version. This HTML version is divided into three 6.5 page sections for easier reading. WARNING: The information contained within the 19.5 pages of this document will shake the core of … Read More