Titanic Survivors Stories Part Two – Dorothy Gibson

Dorothy_Gibson_-_TitanicWhen the RMS Titanic sank in 1912, there were only 705 people that actually survived the terrible tragedy, got rescued by the Carpathia, and eventually made it to New York City after a long dismal voyage at sea on the “Ship of Widows.” While some people were able to put the pieces back together of their lives, and go on, other people were so deeply affected by the tragedy that they were forever marked by it and things were never the same for them. One such person that was deeply affected by the tragedy was Dorothy Gibson. Gibson had starred in her movie, Saved From the Titanic, but the strain of reprising her role wa apparently too much for her. Though she was the highest paid actress at the time the Titanic sank, Gibson no longer made movies anymore after Saved From the Titanic came out. 

Life After Saved From the Titanic

Though the movie, Saved From the Titanic , was very successful both in America, and in EuropeDorothy Gibson was not really interested in making movies anymore. Gibson had survived the Titanic sinking, and according to her good friends, the recreation of her role, had made her relive the tragedy all over again. Gibson claimed that while sitting in the lifeboat, the cries of those that were drowning all around her, had haunted her.   Perhaps, the reliving of that terrible night, so soon after the real tragedy took place,  was simply too much for Gibson to handle on an emotional level. Soon after, Saved From the Titanic was released, Gibson was no longer interested in making movies. This is very tragic because Gibson actually was a talented, highly paid actress, and her decision not to make movies anymore truly meant the end of a promising career.

Three years after the Saved From the Titanic movie, and Gibson’s bowing out of the Hollywood scene, Gibson made headlines again for all the wrong reasons.  Gibson was involved with the married producer of Eclair Studios, the same film company that had made her Titanic movie. One night, Gibson and the married man, were driving around New York, when tragedy struck and they were involved in a car accident. Gibson, and her lover, were fine, but the driver of the other car was killed, and the passenger in the car was severely injured. However, at the time of the accident, the authorities thought that the producer was driving, but when the case went to court, it was discovered that Dorothy Gibson was the driver of the deadly vehicle. Not only did the discovery that Dorothy Gibson was behind the wheel of the tragic and deadly car accident, but her long time affair with the married producer also came to light.  The world was shocked at that not only had Gibson killed a man, but had been involved in an affair with a married man for years.  While the scandal brought their affair into the spotlight, the Eclair producer ended up divorcing his wife and marrying Dorothy Gibson, but the marriage only lasted a few years before it too ended in divorce.

Dorothy Gibson In Europe

Dorothy Gibson took her mother, and the two of them moved to Paris, France. There is confusion as to why exactly Gibson left America. Some sources claim the scandal of the car accident, and her affair with the married man, forced her to leave, but others say it was after her divorce from the married man, and she left because the cost of living is a lot lower in Europe, which would allow for her alimony and movie royalties to last a lot longer.  It is unclear exactly what happened to Gibson over in Europe, but at one point, she was going between Pairs and Italy. When World War II began, Gibson was in Italy, and there, she was arrested and sent to prison in Milan. Sources claim that Gibson was in prison for possibly three years, which was from 1941 to 1944. In 1944, Gibson was in Switzerland, and claimed that she escaped from Italy with the help of an Italian official.  There were rumors that Gibson was able to leave Italy because she had promised the Nazis that she would spy for them.

Dorothy_Gibson_-_Titanic-GraveBy 1945, Gibson had returned to Paris, France, and there she died in 1946.  Once again, rumors that Gibson was a Nazi sympathizer followed Gibson even in death, but whether any of the rumors were true or not has never been proven.

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