Titanic Survivor Ernest Frederick Allen, Crew Member

Another Titanic survivors story directly from someone who experienced the event.

My name is Deidre (Dee) MacQueen and I live in Dorset, England. By chance I came across Titanic Universe, and the webmaster has invited me to share my story.

Titanic Survivor Ernest Fredrick Allen

Ernest Fredrick Allen in his elderly years

My Grandfather was Ernest Frederick Allen, born in London on 10th March 1888. Depending on what article you read it could have been 10th February 1888.  He lived in Southampton and was 24 yrs old when, on the 6th April 1912, he signed on with the Titanic, along with his brother (my Uncle) Frederick Allen, he was 17 yrs old.  Frederick was employed as a lift steward.  Sadly he went down with the Titanic.  My Great Grandmother received £20 grant for the death of her son, from the Titanic relief fund, number 279.  Ernest also served on the Titanic’s sister ship the Olympic.  Ernest was employed on the Titanic as a Trimmer.  His job was to ensure the coal he gave to the stokers came from the correct place, making sure the balance of the ship was maintained.  His pay was £5.10 shillings a month.  As we all know 6 days later the Titanic was hit by an iceberg.  Ernest managed to get on collapsible boat B, which was upside down.  They were rescued by boats 4 and 12, crew were taken on board by both boats, but no names were taken. They were then picked up by the Carpathia, where they disembarked in New York on 18th April 1912.  Ernest returned and spent most of his life in Southampton.  Grandfather Ernest died on 27th December 1968, he was 80 years old.

I am very grateful that I have been given the chance to share my story, thank you very much.

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  • anna g

    Thank you very much for sharing your family story with us, it is both fascinating and sad. We have to move forward looking back and remembering…

  • Eunice-Grace

    I have become fascinated with the Titanic’s history for a lifetime (considering I’m only 11 years old) I always become . . . emotional whenever I hear that name: RMS Titanic. The story won’t leave me, it is just so vivid. The Titanic was the Ship of Dreams, and I keep on dreaming about that ship. How it sank, why did it sink, and why the people aboard? I can’t pass a day without thinking about the fate of that ship. I . . . I just don’t want to believe that the RMS Titanic sank. It’s still floating in the Atlantic ocean, in my heart. These are words from an eleven-year-old. Thank you

  • phillip blades

    my father just came by today hes been searching for a connection to titanic his mother always said she had a brother or uncle that died in titanic my dad grew up in bournemouth and worked out of southhampton on cruise ships as well to bad he never got a chance to meet his uncle ernest allen hes 82 now maybe he could meet one of his children some day if any of themn moved to canada

  • lillian blades

    Hi, thank you for your article as it cleared up some things for my father as his mother was Lillian Frances Blades and I believe your grandfather was my dads mom’s brothers if I’m told correctly, my dad was born in 1929 in Christ Church in England what is now called Bourmouth, my dad has been trying to find our heritage as his mother would not tell us who the fathers were, we do know we are related to your grandfather from the Titanic. he is going on 83.

  • marcela lopez

    I really enjoy all this stories from the titanic… Its amazingly interesting and a great tragedy! I couldnt imagine live that experience! My boat went down on a river ..that was scary but on the sea and freezing water in the middle on the night….. Wow.

  • Laurie

    Hi, I came across this site as I was searching for info regarding Fred Allen who perished on Titanic.  Our family is re-enacting for the 100th anniversary of the sinking, and one of my sons is portraying Fred in a time period prior to the sinking.  Any details that would make the portrayal more accurate would be greatly appreciated.  I’ve learned, here, that Fred and Ernest had a sister, Lillian?  Thanks for any help you can give.

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