Titanic Sister Ships


The Titanic and her Sisters

Assembled by the Harland Wolff Company, the Titanic was the most luxurious and celebrated vessel of her time. Built to be the apex of sophistication, the massive cruise liner was an industrial marvel and would become what is likely the most famous vessel of all time. What people might not know, is that the Titanic was actually the second of an entire line of similar cruise vessels. Each Titanic sister ship had similar composition to the maritime beast and was crafted with the same luxury in mind. The Titanic sisters were the Titanic sister Olympic and the Titanic sister Britannic.

Since tragedy befell the Titanic on the night of April 14, 1912, the Titanic’s sisters missed much recognition. Although smaller than the Titanic, the Britannic and Olympic were undoubtedly engineering feats of their time. First to be built was the RMS Olympic followed by the Titanic, and the last Titanic sister by the name of the HMHS Britannic. When exploring the history of the legendary vessel, it’s important to remember that the Titanic was not the only highly luxurious and massive cruise liner run by White Star, simply the most famous.

Each of the Titanic sister ships have their own unique story complete with triumph and tragedy.

Titanic Sister Ship Olympic

Titanic Sister Ship Britannic

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