Titanic Online Games – Review of Hidden Mysteries: The Fateful Voyage

Titanic-hidden-mysteries-1Back in 1912, when the RMS Titanic was built, she served more purposes then just a ship going from England to America. The Titanic had the nickname of being the ship of dreams, but this meant more than just the fact that ship was amazing with the most luxurious of furnishings. Titanic was also called the ship of dreams because of the hope and promise that she represented to the lower classes, especially the Third Class, who looked at both Titanic and America as the land of plenty where their dreams were going to come true.  The beginning of a new and better life is the basis for the Hidden Mysteries: The Fateful Voyage game that is available on the Big Fish Games website.

The Main Player of the Game

Titanic-hidden-mysteries-2The beginning of the game shows a young woman who announces that she is newly married to a rich man, and they are about to board the Titanic so they can go to America to begin a new life together. According to the narration, Margaret is happy to go to America because she wants to start over and mentions that she is trying to escape her past. The game starts out right on April 10, 1912, and the couple is hearing for the dock to climb on board the biggest ship in the world. Howeer, Margaret is having doubts about whether leaving for New York is the solution to making her happy, but that doesn’t matter as she, and her husband Robert, are about to go on board, and this is where the fun really begins because the boarding passes to board Titanic are missing, and the player as Margaret, has to find them. There is already a lot of action and mini games before the player even gets onto the ship itself.

The Trouble Begins Pretty Fast

Titanic-hidden-mysteries-4Margaret gets onto the RMS Titanic, and the ship takes off, but the trouble starts pretty fast when she accidentally ends up in the bowels of the ship talking to a stowaway. She cannot go back the way she came to get back to First Class, and ends up exploring things like the engine room where some of the crew members are. While wondering around in the lower decks, Margaret gets to go on little missions, and play games while she is trying to make her way back to First Class. However, she finally does, and another chapter begins in which Margaret find out that her mother is on the ship in the Third Class, and is on a mission to go find her. Along the way, Margaret has to do things like play cards, feed the birds, find a lost book, but the neat part is that she gets to explore all kinds of rooms on the Titanic including rooms like the Writing Room and even the swimming pool.  Along the way, Margaret encounters a boy that wants her to do something for him, which takes her into even more rooms all in the name of finding a lost game. While the exploration is fun, the young boy can be a little annoying with his rudeness and accent.  Margaret has to do what she can just to find her mother, but being reunited with her mother seems to make her pretty happy.   Once Margaret finds her mother, she meets back up with her husband, who is now green because of sea sickness, but the devoted wife volunteers to get him some medicine from the Titanic’s hospital. However, once Robert has his seasickness medicine, the game changes because there is a noise outside, and should be quite obvious to anyone playing just what that noise was.

The End of the Game and Bonus Chapter

Titanic-hidden-mysteries-3The noise that everyone heard was of course, the iceberg, but Margaret is the only person that seems to get that things are bad right now and the ship is in danger.  Captain Smith tells Margaret that the ship hit an iceberg, and while she tried to warn her husband, he blew her off. However, Margaret wants to save her mother, and has to go through a lot to find her and get onto a lifeboat. In the end, Margaret does find her mother, the two of them escape in the lifeboat, and her husband Robert is lost. However, now Margaret and her mom will go to New York and try to pick up the pieces of their life. There is a bonus chapter, and it is a rather unusual one because it is 97 years into the future and it is the chance for all of the mistakes of the sinking to be corrected. Once the player solves the puzzles and mini games, it seems to repair the Titanic. For people who love the RMS Titanic, the game is fun, and definitely worth the price to play it.

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