Titanic Facts That Will Blow You Away- Part Three

When the RMS Titanic sank to the bottom of the North Atlantic on April 10, 1912, it was a shock to the world that would change it forever. The Edwardian society that built the beautiful ship thought that nothing bad could ever happen, let alone to them due to their wealth and social status. However, nothing was more shocking then those men and women that were standing on the decks, slowly watching the freezing cold water of the North Atlantic rising higher and higher toward them. Though right up until the very end, these poor passengers believed that they would be saved, but unfortunately, help did not come until it was way too late. Ready for the last article dealing with mind blowing Titanic facts? Here are more for you all to enjoy, and some of them are quite shocking! 

11. The crew was not prepared for disaster of any sort

In this day and age, any time someone goes on a train, a plane, a bus, or a cruise ship, there are drills, and special instructions, to prepare the people on board for any contingency. These days, cruise ships have to have lifeboat drills, according to the law, before the ship is even permitted to leave the pier, and it is the crew that guides the passengers. However, on the RMS Titanic, the crew had no training of any kind, and when the iceberg collision happened, they were just as clueless as to what to do as the passengers were, which did not help the situation any.

12. Women stepped up and helped save lives

molly-brownBack in these days, men were the ones with all the power, and it was women who were considered frail, delicate, and in need of care. However, on the night the RMS Titanic went down, it was women who stepped up to take control of the situation. One example of a woman taking charge was Margaret Brown, also known as the Unsinkable Molly Brown. In her lifeboat, Brown took charge, told the men to step back, and organized the women rowing.

13. The 1997 movie Titanic cost more to make than the ship itself

Titanic-new-movie-James-CameronBack in 1912, the TItanic cost $1.5 million pounds to built. In 1997, James Cameron wrote and directed the movie Titanic, and he had an over $200 million dollar budget. Believe it or not, adjusting for today’s dollars, the cost of the movie is far greater than it cost for the Titanic herself to be constructed.

14. There was a couple on the ship that are a real-life Jack Dawson and Rose Dewitt Bukater

Titanic Movie Love SceneA man named Henry Morley  hired a teenage girl named Kate Phillips to work in his shop. Despit the difference in their ages, and the fact Morley was married with children, the two fell madly in love and escaped on board the Titanic in order to head to America for a new life together. While on the ship, Morley gave his young love a sapphire necklace. When the ship struck the iceberg, Morley dput Phillips in a lifeboat, and she gave birth to a daughter named Ellen. To this day, Ellen still has the necklace, and the key to her parents’ cabin. Romantic and tragic at the same him, right?

15. 51 children died in the Titanic disaster

150px-Sidney_GoodwinWhen the RMS Titanic sank, she took with her over 1500 people. However, one thing that people do not talk about is the fact that there were children among those that died. No one ever talks about the fact that many young children died, and most of them were steerage passengers from Third class. The youngest child was 19 month old, Sidney Leslie Goodwin, and the rest of the Goodwin family too were also killed in the disaster.

These are the top 5 starting Titanic facts that not many people know about. Despite the fact the ship has been gone for over a century, she is still revealing her secrets one at a time.

To all those that sailed upon this amazing ship, we at Titanic Universe mourn your loss and hope that you rest in peace. Though you are gone, you are not forgotten, nor will you ever be. Somewhere out there, the great ship, RMS Titanic is sailing, and all of her passengers are on board having the time of their lives.


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