Titanic Captain’s Spyglass Fails to Sell at Auction

Titanic Captain Spyglass

When auctioneer John Crane discovered Captain Edward John Smith’s spyglass among a collection of other Titanic artifacts, he expected it to sell for a considerable amount. Sadly, it didn’t sell at all, since the bids failed to even reach the reserve price.

The spyglass is owned by a distant relative of Captain Smith who had a number of other notable Titanic objects identified by Crane. These include a White Star Line sextant, a cigar holder, and a pair of ornamental epaulets belonging to the iconic Titanic captain.

Crane marked the telescope as a monumental find. “It’s a fascinating historical artifact,” he told reporters, “and it demonstrates that there is still material out there with Titanic connections still waiting to be discovered. This telescope is completely unique and probably one of the most important pieces of Titanic-associated memorabilia to be found in recent years.”

The telescope was expected to sell for about £20,000, but unfortunately did not reach its reserve price, with bids stopping at only £5,000. Crane expressed disappointment in the lack of response, saying “When you are selling anywhere, Ebay, directly to an antique dealer, you’ve got to be realistic with your price.”

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