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Titanic Movie Love Quotes

Thumbnail image for Titanic Movie Love Quotes August 24, 2010

One of the most well known contemporary love stories of the last few decades, the Titanic has captivated the hearts of many individuals over the years. The tale of triumph and tragedy has resonated in the minds of movie lovers all over the world and supplied us with many different Titanic movie love quotes. Here […]

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Titanic Quotes and Sayings

Thumbnail image for Titanic Quotes and Sayings July 14, 2010

As with any disaster in history, many quotes and sayings have been documented over the years. Whether it is an unconfirmed statement from someone of the time period, or a quote from one of the individuals involved in the voyage, Titanic quotes and sayings capture the majesty of the Titanic as well as the sadness […]

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