Surprising Facts About the Titanic – Part Three

THGImage4Even in these modern times, people are always fascinated when something tragic occurs. In 2001, New York City was attacked, the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, and the Pentagon were all attacked, and many thousands of lives were lost. The tragic events of 2001, were 15 years ago, but the fascination with it is still as strong today. In 1912, when the RMS Titanic struck an iceberg, people did not have the same access to the news that people have these days, and wanted to know all they could about not only the Titanic, but the people that survived her sinking.  Here are some fascination facts about the Titanic, and her passengers and crew, that are just as surprising today as they were 104 years ago.

The Titanic Was Number 7

titanicmailroomThe RMS part of the Titanic’s name stands for Royal Mail Steamer, which means that the ship carries mail from one side of the Atlantic to another. Any piece of mail that was on the Titanic had to be stamped with an identification number. The Postal Service in England assigned the number 7 to the RMS Titanic, but after the disaster, the number 7 was retired and never used again.

First Officer Murdoch Was Engaged

titanic-survivor- stories-william-murdoch-2First Officer William Murdoch, who was on the bridge, and in command, when the Titanic struck the iceberg, was engaged. Murdoch gave the order for Quartermaster Robert Hitchens to turn the wheel hard starboard, and to stop, and then reverse the engines. The death of this young officer was tragic enough, but what makes his death worse is the fact he was scheduled to get married one week after the Titanic docked in New York City.  Murdoch’s fiancee never got married, and she died in 1970.

The Mummy Rumor Was Started By Passenger William Stead

wtsteadThere are many conspiracy theories that something mysteries sank Titanic. One of the most mystical tales involving the disaster involves a mummy being in the cargo bay. This supposed mummy was cursed, and caused the ship to sink, which is a totally false story. Who was the author of this untrue story? William T. Stead! Apparently while at dinner one night, Stead told the story about the mummy down in the cargo bay, and those that were sitting at that able, and survived the disaster, passed the story along.

Margaret Brown Was Never Called Her Famous Nickname

In every Titanic movie that has ever come out, everyone calls Margaret Brown, “the Unsinkable Molly Brown,” but what people do not know is that this was not the case at all.  While Brown was alive, no one ever referred to her as Molly, and it was not until after her death that she was called that name.  After Brown died in 1932, a musical was written about her, and was presented on Broadway. The musical, written by Meredith Wilson, came out in 1960, and starred Debbie Reynolds, and it eventually became a hit movie.  However, the musical gave Margaret Brown her famous nickname, and she has been referred to with that nickname ever since.

A Book Predicted the Titanic Disaster 14 Years Before It Happened

Morgan-Robertson-wrote-his-book-named-‘Futility’In 1898,  a man named Morgan Robertson wrote a book called Futility. Robertson described how a ship was taking its first trip from England to New York, when it struck an iceberg and sank with most of its passengers still on board due to a lack of lifeboats.  The similarities between the Titan and the Titanic  are so similar that people that read the book thought Robertson was a psychic.  Morgan Robertson died three years after Titanic sank, but his prediction came true, and is considered one of the biggest coincidence ever when it comes to the Titanic disaster. Even though the book was published a long time ago, Futility is still being bought and read, and many people find the book to be truly frightening because of just how close to the truth the book gets.

There many fascinating facts about the Titanic disaster, and more of them are coming out as the ship is investigated. However, the more the wreckage of the Titanic  is investigated, the more things are discovered about the night that the world changed forever.  Maybe one day, and after more investigative work, every fact about the night the Titanic wrecked will be known, and all the questions that remain about the disaster will be answered.



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