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New Titanic Expedition to Create a 3D Map

Thumbnail image for New Titanic Expedition to Create a 3D Map July 29, 2010

Next month, a team of scientists will launch an expedition to the sunken Titanic. The goal will be to assess the condition of the vessel and to create a three-dimensional map in order for the public to better understand the layout of the ship. This 3d map will virtually recreate the Titanic and give new […]

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Titanic 3d May be on the Horizon

Thumbnail image for Titanic 3d May be on the Horizon July 26, 2010

After the success of 3d sensation Avatar, James Cameron may be thinking of releasing his movie masterpiece Titanic in theaters once again. The Titanic movie would be a 3d version of the previously highest grossing movie of all time before avatar and just in time for the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. […]

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Titanic Quotes and Sayings

Thumbnail image for Titanic Quotes and Sayings July 14, 2010

As with any disaster in history, many quotes and sayings have been documented over the years. Whether it is an unconfirmed statement from someone of the time period, or a quote from one of the individuals involved in the voyage, Titanic quotes and sayings capture the majesty of the Titanic as well as the sadness […]

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Titanic Poems and Songs

Thumbnail image for Titanic Poems and Songs July 14, 2010

Ever since the Titanic tragedy, many forms of art have spoke of the Titanic disaster commemorating the majesty of the vessel and remembering those lost on the night of April 14, 1912. Capturing the emotion of the event and illustrating the somber nature of the topic, Titanic songs and poems reflect the accomplishment of the […]

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Top 4 Funniest Titanic Images

Thumbnail image for Top 4 Funniest Titanic Images July 12, 2010

After the commercial success of the movie Titanic, directed by James Cameron, there have been many different individuals attempting to recreate the craze of the movie or to simply mock its success in a light-hearted way. From the riveting release of Titanic 2, to the romance of now old  Titanic survivors, these picture show an […]

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Titanic vs Avatar: Sales & More

Thumbnail image for Titanic vs Avatar: Sales & More February 12, 2010

Titanic vs Avatar Like him or not, James Cameron sure knows how to make a movie. His latest film Avatar has recently became the highest grossing film of all time, raking in a ridiculous $1.859 billion. This number eclipses the previous movie Titanic, also directed by Cameron that brought in $1.843 billion. It cannot be […]

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Service for the last survivor of the Titanic

Thumbnail image for Service for the last survivor of the Titanic October 29, 2009

October 26, 2009 At 2 months old, Millvina Dean was the youngest person on the Titanic when it met its ghastly demise on April 14, 1912. almost 100 years ago. The last of the remaining Titanic survivors, her ashes were recently scattered at the location of where the vessel embarked on its maiden voyage in […]

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New Titanic Expedition Possible in 2010

Thumbnail image for New Titanic Expedition Possible in 2010 October 29, 2009

October 27, 2009 Official owners of the Titanic shipwreck by the name of RMS Titanic Inc. are planning a possible expedition back to the legendary shipwreck in 2010. The company is currently undergoing court hearings to ensure that the salvage would preserve the legendary Titanic shipwreck for public as well as being a lucrative salvage […]

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The Titanic Hotel

Thumbnail image for The Titanic Hotel October 28, 2009

Located in Istanbul, Turkey, the Titanic De Luxe Beach and Resort Hotel is modeled after the Titanic all the way down to the nine decks. Firmly built on land (of course) guests are in no way in danger of sinking into the Atlantic, but three massive pools on either side gives the illusion that one […]

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