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The 1997 Movie

Titanic Heart of the Ocean Diamond

Thumbnail image for Titanic Heart of the Ocean Diamond August 24, 2010

Specific to the Titanic movie, the Heart of the Ocean is a fictional diamond contained within a necklace that is thought to be in the wreckage of the Titanic. In the film, treasure hunter Brock Lovett (played by Bill Paxton) is searching for the diamond in the sunken Titanic. The necklace was fashioned from a […]

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Titanic Movie Love Quotes

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One of the most well known contemporary love stories of the last few decades, the Titanic has captivated the hearts of many individuals over the years. The tale of triumph and tragedy has resonated in the minds of movie lovers all over the world and supplied us with many different Titanic movie love quotes. Here […]

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Titanic Bloopers, Movie Extras, & Interesting Facts

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Titanic Bloopers Camera is visible in a few scenes. One is when it is reflected in Rose’s television, and the other is when Jack Dawson approaches the door to the grand staircase of the Titanic the first time, the camera can be seen reflected in the glass. The Titanic’s midde propeller is a Parson’s steam […]

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Titanic 1997 Cast List of Actors

Jack Dawson August 23, 2010

Leonardo DiCaprio – Jack Dawson – A third-class passenger on the Titanic, Jack Dawson got on the boat by winning a poker game with two of his friends. In love with first class passenger Rose Dewitt Bukater, much of the 1997 Titanic movie focuses on their affair. Jack was arrested when the Titanic began to […]

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